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Nosgoth Prepares To Enter Closed Beta

Square Enix's upcoming MOBA based in the Legacy of Kain universe, is preparing to enter closed beta.

It begins on February 27, and if you want to get in, you will have to head here to sign up. As the game enters closed beta, a new mode has been unveiled with Siege. In Siege, humans must capture ad defend specific locations while the vampires so their vampire thing, hunting down and consuming the blood of humans. You can check out an announcement video for the beta below.

For more on Nosgoth, check out our recent preview.

[Source: Nosgoth]

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  • Everyone is jumping into the MOBA ring. I think it's too late for most of these. Many will dwindle away while the big kings live on. Hey Kyle, this isn't necessarily directed towards you, but are GI looking for editors? I find errors in so many entries.
  • So many Mobas @_@

  • Had beta access for a while, it sucks.

  • This game is not a moba, it's a 3rd person multiplayer game. no minions, no objectives to take just kill each other.
  • seriously, who is going to want to play as the humans in this game?
  • this isnt a moba....its a game like gunz second son,s4 league,archeblade

  • I had a lot of fun with the alpha and will continue on into the beta!

  • Off subject, but on subject. I'm currently replaying Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and every hour that I sink into it, I'm constantly telling myself why Square Enix? Why? Just reboot the series already and give the fans and newcomers a chance to enjoy Nosgoth the way it should be.
  • "In Siege, humans must capture ad defend"

    "while the vampires so their vampire thing"

    Kyle, I know you probably have some sort of quota to meet for news posts per day but this post was barely a paragraph long. Also, Nosgoth is not a MOBA, it's a team-based third-person shooter.

  • Wait, WTH? This wasn't a MOBA, last I checked. It was just a competitive MP.

  • This is not a MOBA..

  • Wish they'd make an actual new entry into the Legacy of Kains series on next-gen, man that was just such an epic set of games.
  • its not a MOBA