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Nosgoth Is A Free-To-Play, Legacy Of Kain Inspired Game

The first information and trailer for Square Enix's upcoming free-to-play Legacy of Kain title, Nosgoth, has been revealed. The game is under development at Psyonix, a studio that has credits on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Bulletstorm, and Mass Effect 3 (though it's not exactly clear from the company's website what role it played in those and the other listed titles).

Nosgoth pits humans against vampires in online asymmetrical multiplayer combat. It's a competitive title rather than an MMO or persistent online experience. The trailer gives a Gotham City Imposters vibe (though significantly darker, given the source material). 

This isn't the Legacy of Kain title fans have been hoping for, and those that are familiar with the lore will find some inconsistencies. For instance, according to what we learned in Soul Reaver, Raziel's wings were destroyed before he could share that mutation with his clan.

Amy Hennig, who directed the series, has previously stated that whether Raziel's clan was destroyed or not was unrevealed. According to Nosgoth's FAQ, it appears that mystery has unceremoniously been uncovered since the winged class of vampires are listed as Raziel's descendants.

If you're interested in checking Nosgoth out after viewing the trailer below, Square Enix and Psyonix are accepting applications for the closed beta. There will also be a live Q&A with the team at 10 AM Eastern on Monday.

[Source: Nosgoth]

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  • seems cool. hope it does great so we can get our legacy of kain and soul reaver reboots sometime soon.
  • My heart weeps that this is not a new soul reaver. Raziel is one of the coolest characters ever created. Put a whole new spin on vampires... What a great story.
  • rather take a single player game that had a story. Legacy of Kain has always been about story...even if this is inspired by the games

  • "This isn't the Legacy of Kain title fans have been hoping for" That is a colossal understatement.
  • This seems on par with the excitement the fans of Shadowrun had when they learned that the XBOX game was just a subpar multiplayer shooter.

    I find it particularly bad when a company bastardizes the canon lore simply to make their game more appealing by having the well known characters involved.

    I'm sure if the combat is okay enough people will play. I just won't be one of them.
  • Mod
    Well, it's free-to-play, and I dig asymmetrical multiplayer, and I admire this series, so I'll probably give it a shot. I'd still prefer another single-player entry, be it an RPG or a platformer or a stealth game or an open-world game or whatever they want to do with the franchise next (just not another DMC clone, please).
  • This looks ok. I would like to see this universe expand and do well.

  • To be honest, I'm surprised that Square would make this game considering they seemed to blame the American market and American Devs for lack of profits. I always thought that the Legacy of Kain series was popular here in the US but not in Japan so this is a surprise, though I do get irritated when a company fleshes out the mythos of a game world through multiple games and then goes back and redoes the mythos without any explanation as to why (If they added wings to Raziel's clan, they might alter other aspects).

    I also find it somewhat funny that considering the amount of fans clamoring for a 'good' Final Fantasy (I don't consider 13 to be a good one as I want strong storylines) that Square-Enix are spending money to make what appears to be a solely multiplayer death match with no real story. Maybe this is a hint for the future, Square-Enix seems to be less concerned with stories and more with gameplay that can make them money continuously.
  • I am really losing faith in Square Enix. They seem to be ruining almost every franchise they get their hands on. I guess when they cave in or go bankrupt I hope the other successful IPS (Deus Ex, FF, Hitman, Tombraider etc) all managed to find a better home where you don't have entirely a Japan centric view about the rest of the world about not buying into their more bogus titles blindfolded.
  • You had my curiousity, now you have my attention! I know a lot people are going to pointlessly b**ch about this, but as a recent new fan of the LoK series, I love the idea of this. I want it!
  • they just killed the license...oh why oh why
  • ...the sheer amount of complaining and insult by fans over this sort of thing is staggering. You don't see me exclaiming in pain over Star Wars: Kinect.
  • Oh yes I'm sure this will be worth the time...or I'll just go back and play some real LoK and forget this was ever mentioned.
  • like the vamp class of fly might have try out for bata

  • like the vamp class of fly might have try out for bata

  • Pity its a pc game. I used to love the soul reaver games.

  • I like the idea. I really am excited to see more!

  • Looks pretty damn cool.

  • I don't think I'll be getting this game, free or not. I'm just not into a competitive multiplayer LoK experience. I love the original games for their story and characters.

    Like others have been saying, I do hope it does well because maybe it'll give Square-Enix that little kick in the hind quarters to re-release or reboot the series.

  • This looks like it could be very fun if they do it right. I'm a huge fan of the LoK series and the fact that they are putting an emphasis on team play interests me even more. I play a lot of L4D2 so I know that part pretty well and Nosgoth is probably my favorite setting in any game.
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