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An Exclusive Look At Nintendo Land's Metroid Blast

Previously shown at E3 2011 as Battle Mii, the shooter-focused Nintendo Land attraction has since morphed into a full-blown Metroid homage. This exclusive trailer focuses on the Deep Space Shootout mode which pits on-foot players against a player flying Samus' spaceship.

The Miis running around on the ground use a Wii Remote and nunchuck to gun down the flying spacecraft, while the vessel's pilot uses a GamePad to steer and shoot using the controller's motion technology. The attraction supports up to five players and is easily one of Nintendo Land's funnest destinations demoed so far.

Be sure to check out our exclusive trailer for Nintendo Land's Balloon Fight-inspired attraction.

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  • meh
  • Wii U 11/18/12!!!!

  • **BRAAAHHHH** GI, for a second there I thought this was a new Metroid game....
  • And I thought they were making a Metroid to cover up for Other M...shame on you GI for getting my hopes up!

  • I love the music! The gameplay reminds me of Star Fox Assault's multiplayer mode. I may have to get this game just for this one mini-game.
  • Another reason not to care about WiiU.
  • Sigh, and I was thinking that it was a new Metroid....
  • People would rather have a new Metroid game
  • I don't know why everyone thought this was a new Wii game... In the presentation he specifically stated that this was from NintendoLand?
  • " easily one of Nintendo Land's funnest destinations..." Funnest? Seriously? Come on Tim... Don't contribute to the illiteracy in this country for the sake of sounding hip. Fixed: " easily one of Nintendo Land's most fun destinations..."
  • Wow, here's a bastardization to annoy everyone on the Metroid Super Replay and fans of the series in general, haha. It's like Nintendo's taunting everyone by making this and not 2D Metroid games.
  • Ahhhhh... that looks fun. Gonna get a bundled copy in November!!

  • Screw Nintendoland... give me some Metroid love that isn't amateur like Other M.  Samus deserves more.

  • Dang it why did I not wake up earlier to watch the nintendo thing that looks so fun. I might buy the bundle just because Nintendo Land it 100 bucks if you buy it sepret.
  • ooo... Me like.

  • funnest? really?

  • Two words: Metroid Dread.

  • Just make a freakin 2D Metroid Already!!
  • Homage. This word is just so weird!

  • Joe Juba.. this is all the new Metroid Nintendo will give you, I think.

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