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NHL 13

Skating With Speed In NHL 13

NHL 13 introduces a new physics model for players' skating, and the offshoot is that players can better utilize their speed. This can come at a cost, however. Take a look at this tutorial video showing you the game's new skating mechanics.

Although players can utilize their speed better than ever before, this comes at a cost. Trying to puck handle or shoot while hauling down the ice isn't easy, and there is also a fatigue to consider.

The game comes out on September 11 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and is preceded by a demo on August 21.

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  • Love this franchise, glad they keep making improvements, or at least try unlike others...
  • This game seems like it's on its way to Best Sports Game of Year. Either this or NBA 2K13.

  • Looking good as usual (though I cant stand the Flyers lol). I've been wanting to be able to skate backwards with the puck and to be that nimble while skating for a while. Whenever I play my be a pro mode in 12' I always try to glide but the always just slow down. I'm looking forward to getting this game

  • i really the NHL hockey game franchise to succeed but I always seem to feel nervous about the product before it comes out

  • Love the subtle changes made. Definitely is going to make the skating a lot better, and hopefully that means my friends and I won't have to yield as many penalty shots as we do when backchecking.

  • I've played hockey through the better part of my life (8-18) but never watched alot of hockey and never played any of the NHL games really, but this just looks fantastic, may have to pick it up.

  • I like that fatigue effects players and I like the redundancy Matt.

  • sports!