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NHL 13

NHL 13 Gameplay Trailer

EA Sports released a video highlighting many of the new features that were added to NHL 13. Producer Ben Ross walks you through it.

Players can finally skate backwards, which changes up the offensive-zone strategies. You can also chop the puck along the boards to assist with your breakouts. Goalie can read two-on-one's and anticipate the pass, too.

NHL 13 is out September 11.

  • even more sports

  • Looks good haven't played since 11' though any major changes?
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  • Always one of my most anticipated games of the year.

  • cant wait

  • If your not a hockey fan, you probadably didn't understand any of that
  • I dunno. It just looks like another year of slight evolution. Plus, the animations are really starting to look stale. They've had the same exact tunnel entrance sequence for what, three years now?

    I've purchased the last four or so EA NHL games, but I might be skipping this one. There's just not enough new stuff that I've seen so far to warrant dropping $60 of my hard earned cash.
  • Awesome

  • Awesome

  • Awesome
  • Eh another sports game.  These come out every year so Ive gotten a little sick of most of them

  • Love this game

  • I'm shocked that skating backwards was never available before.

  • Looks awesome, but I worry about the speed. It looks too fast. Real hockey players cannot make it up the ice in three or four seconds.