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New Super Luigi U

New Super Luigi U Box Art And Screens

New Super Luigi U will begin its life as DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, but it will be getting a retail release shortly after. Here are a handful of new screens for the game, as well as its box art.

The DLC version of the game will be available on June 20 and it will be available for $19.99. The retail version of the game will release on August 25 and with will cost a little extra at $29.99.

For the unaware, New Super Luigi U removes Mario as a playable character, shrinks the timer for the levels, and alters every level in some way to work with Luigi's playstyle. This DLC also lets players play as Nabbit, who you will know if you've played New Super Mario Bros. U.

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  • I'm really going to want to get the retail version, that box looks awesome! :D
  • I really love that box art. My inner collector needs this on my shelf.
  • Yay! Luigi finally gets some love! The box art looks great.
  • I want it as soon as possible, but that box art! Decisions, decisions.
  • That's even cooler than the original Super Mario Bros U case!

  • Super cool. I never considered it before but did Nabbit "nab" Bowser Jr.s bandana?
  • This is good. Now I want Nintendo to start work on another Luigi's Mansion for the Wii U. That along with a new Zelda, I'd buy a Wii U in a heartbeat.
  • I won't be able to enjoy the box art because $10 more is to much for me to buy this as a physical copy but I can't wait to play this.

  • I would pay extra for that box art.

  • That box art is amazing! Unfortunately, I don't have a Wii U. :(
  • I was considering getting the $60 one with Mario, but I think I'll wait for this instead.
  • That is one awesome looking box art!

  • If this was April 1st I wouldn't have believed this was real to be honest. Glad Luigi is getting some love though!
  • Yep. That sure does look like a 2D Luigi game.
  • Ewww.

  • With THE YEAR OF LUIGI seal! Nintendo is really sticking to it as if anyone cares. How about they do a "the year we came out of the 90's"
  • I very much want this now.

  • I might have to wait for the retail release for this.  I really like that box.

  • I really hope instead of saving Peach you get to save Daisy. I really want to see more done with those two. Really wouldn't mind seeing a new entry into the Super 'Mario' Land series, something on the 3DS maybe. Also starring Luigi instead of Mario, of course.
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