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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Catch Up On Need For Speed In Single-Player Trailer

Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted is filled with improvements over past installments, such as the ability to access every car from the start, and fluid open-world gameplay that Burnout: Paradise City veterans will find familiar. EA's latest look at the game shows some of those features and more in action.

The video below shows off a tantalizing sample of cars, as well as glimpses of some of Fairhaven City's varied locations. The Most Wanted tag isn't just there out of tradition, either. There are 10 most-wanted drivers out there, and you can take them out one by one -- provided you're skilled enough.

The game is racing to shelves October 30 for the Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, iOS, Vita, and Android.

Click here to get a better look at the game's updated Autolog system.

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  • Need For Speed= amazing arcade racing game Forza= amazing realistic driving game It's all out about preference but i'm more excited for Forza
  • Wow, I havent played games about 20 years and I find it astonishing that nowadays game developers are able to make games in 3D!

  • usually im not interested in need for speed, although I wanted to try one out, so I got Need For Speed Hot was ok not to great and got boring pretty quickly...didnt even try THE RUN because of all the super low ratings...however this one looks like they brought it up to a whole new level and I will definitely be keeping my eye on this one

  • I'm very happy Criterion Games took over the Need For Speed license. This could save Need For Speed!
  • Criterion is the only developer that interest me when it comes to racing games. Paradise city was the best! I still play it every now and then. I'm into high speed, crashing and destruction!! You want fun, this Hot Pursuit will be it for sure! Got my pre order can't wait!

  • I don't want Burnout : Most Wanted... Why can't they just make NFS like the old ones with better graphics, more upgrades, and more maps? People have been asking for a new Underground 3 and real Most Wanted for years.
  • so it doesn't look like you can play as a cop in this game, i understand that but it doesn't make sense to remove features that they had in previous games like hot pursuit.
  • Whoa.... This game is hecka awesome.

  • they should just call it Burnout

  • This game is looking good. I might consider getting it, though it will have low priority over other games.

  • I thought this game didn't have a single player, I remember reading something about that a couple months back.

  • Yeah! I didn't know that they were adding performance options, or that they were keeping the Blacklist! Definitely hyped for this.

  • This game just looks like garbage. It looks like that stupid Burnout ***.

  • Mod

    Every time i see anything for this game it looks better and better. One of the few day 1 purchases for me this year.

  • Finally a NFS game that I'm actually looking forward too. I haven't had interest in the series after the last Most Wanted game. Just seems like the series went downhill. NFS: Hot Pursuit was decent though didn't keep me interested long and The Run, I never played just because of how bad the reviews were. This though shows a lot of promise. Burnout meets NFS and I'm liking what I'm seeing. For the haters that don't like the look, well, haters are going to hate so don't really care what others say. Day one buy for me.

  • Only one problem. They never said anything about visual customization. That might be the only problem with this game.
  • looks seamless

  • I wanna Elise...

  • I like unlocking crap so they better not leave everything up for grabs right from the start. Unlocking stuff makes games more challenging and fun. otherwise, the game looks great to me, i've been waiting for a game like this from criterion, got it preordered at gamestop!

  • Looks fun but it comes out the same day as AC3. It can wait.

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