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Need for Speed Most Wanted

NFS Most Wanted's New Autolog In Action

Criterion Games' Burnout Paradise eliminated the distinction between single- and multiplayer, and the studio's upcoming title Need for Speed Most Wanted does the same. Check out the game's latest multiplayer trailer.

As players race through the world, they will see their friends' accomplishments pop up in real-time. Pass by a speed camera that your friend has posted a top score on, and it will list that speed as you race by. You can even see billboards your friends have found because they'll have their ugly mugs on them.

Today at Gamescom, the development team also mentioned that almost all the cars in the game will be unlocked from the get-go, and that rides will become more powerful via upgrades.

Finally, via a feature called CloudCompete you can earn points in the console versions of the game and transfer them onto your iOS and Vita, and vice versa.

Need for Speed Most Wanted comes out for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Vita, iOS, and Android on October 30.

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  • I sit just me, or does the voice at the beginning sound slightly confused by the fact that it's Pegi 12 instead of 18?
  • Trailer looked boring.
  • I like the gameplay of the new NFS titles (with the exception of The Run), but it just doesn't feel like the same NFS I fell in love with all those years ago. Where is the story? Where are the unique racing modes like the Canyon Duels from Carbon? And, this one really bothers me, where is the car customization? Personally, I think the new NFS games feel like HD Burnout games. I love both racing franchises, but I miss the things that made NFS special and different.
  • Mod

    seems ill be at the top of the charts again.

  • Oats aren't free. If Stallion A pays for his fair share of oats and carrots, then why should Stallion B have reduced price oats? They both own the same pastures, drive the same horse-mobiles and even the iHorse phone. Injustice is prevalent among even the most glorious of animals it seems.
  • I'm still kind of bummed that you can't play as the cops in multiplayer, but it still looks amazing.

  • it is turning out to be a great game. But this isn't a nfs game it is a burnout game throu8gh and through hiding under the sham of the nfs license. I really wish that they would make a new burnout game (because it is a great fun arcade racer) and a new nfs. This mutated two in one crap is starting to get old, just let critereon make a burnout game and find someone to make a nfs game! that is all.
  • EA, just let Criterion make a Burnout game instead of making a Burnout game and putting the Need for Speed name over it.  Honestly if this was a Burnout game there would be barely a difference.

  • Love the fact that they played a "The Who" song during the tralier. It looks perrty awsome

  • Looks awesome!

  • As someone who had previously written off this game... I will readily admit that was a smartly constructed teaser. The vehicle and event variety melded together quite nicely... almost had me forgetting the fact that the gameplay of the series just plain doesn't appeal to me.
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  • Looks nice but I think Forza Horizon will be better.

  • Looking pretty decent...

  • Loved the original and this looks even better

  • The song alone nearly sells me on the game.

  • Cool trailer but my question is why did they have to ruin The Who
  • Now that great song sounds like some sorta half assed POP/RAP mix GOD come down and smite them for this

  • Mod

    So this will be my Burnout Paradise 2 until there's an actual BP 2? I'm okay with this. I can see me and my friends spending many, many hours in this game. Day 1 because Criterion.

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