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NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Trailer Showcases Impressive Shirt Physics

We saw a next-gen image of NBA 2K14 earlier this week, and now 2K is offering a look at the game in motion, running on a PlayStation 4.

The headline is not meant to be a sarcastic joke. The game looks great, and the opening shot of the trailer focuses on the fabrics of LeBron James' shirt, and its the impressive highlight of the rest of the trailer. And much like Dead Space 3's trailer earlier this year, it's all set to a Phil Collins soundtrack.

The current-gen versions of NBA 2K14 is available now, and you can read our review here. NBA 2K14 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in time for the console launches.

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  • Looking pretty good.

  • Awesome... shirt physics!!! But erm... their arms still dont flex and move like a real arm does... Show me changes in muscle tone when they're doing things like running, jumping, shooting etc. then I'll be REALLY impressed... Even if its just for the replays... Also please stop showing their static faces with drawn on expressions and calling it progress... We know that actual modelling of the facial features can be achieved with some effort (see L.A. Noir), so get on it!!!

  • Why isnt the PC version more like this D:

  • It looks too exaggerated, and the players don't look that great either, and their body movements look very stiff.
  • Such a subtle difference may sound funny but when you're playing the game it immerses you that much more. I don't play sports games, but I do like that fabric simulation is getting better. Having clothes that cling to you and don't move no matter what limits the amount of immersion a gamer can get. Now if we can get the characters to move more naturally we'll be in business!

  • you cant deny this I don't care who you are from the graphics to a classic in the background from phil collins."I can feel it coming on nov.22 yeahhhh hold on".I can't wait till im controlling those player's with those graphics it's just crazy.

  • Ive read some critical comments in this thread.i can't believe people have the nerve to complain about that trailer you have to be kidding me.Just stick to current gen stuff then if your gonna hate on something as beautiful as that trailer above.

  • I might pick this up but the lack of Creating a Legend is a huge disappointment.

  • Impressive. Makes the current-gen version seem like filler, and a waste of money.

    Of course DRose is getting dunked on by Kobe though. smh..

  • It looks amazing this videos about the shirt physics and it is impressive but im even more impressed with the guys beard in the video. Its sounds a daft thing to point out i know but im mentioning it cause realistic hair on games characters is something games have need for a long time and its one of the most difficult things to simulate but finally possible on XBOX ONE and PS4. The graphics look amazing but aswell as that I hope they have improved the control system to a more enjoyable and easier to use system cause i always try out the demos for nba games and the controls are always what stops me from actually wanting to buy the full game.

  • This looks really good. My issues are that they might look graphicly better but what I am looking for is a change in the diversity of the moves. I think they have made it to easy to cross some one over and made it more difficult to play good defense.