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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Trailer Shows Tournament Mode And More Mecha Naruto

The latest trailer shows in video what was shown in screenshot form last week. Tournament mode pits one player against three others, and we also get to see more Mecha Naruto in action.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, which has about twice as many words as the average video game title, will be releasing this year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

To see the game's first trailer, head here.  For more screenshots from the game, head here and here. To see Tournament in action, as well as more footage of Mecha Naruto, check out the trailer below.

[Via: Siliconera]

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  • Havent played a naruto fighter since ps2
  • I'm ready for a release date, this is my favorite fighting game. Even though I think is going to be the weakest entry for the franchise. It still doesn't diminish my excitement for the game.

  • this game looks awesome. I cannot wait to get it.

  • Definitely can't wait for this game, just for the new team jutsus and team ultimate mechanics. Also Mecha Naruto is hilariously stupid but cool at the same time.


  • How long has Naruto been running (the series i mean)?
  • How long has Naruto been running (the series i mean)?

  • looks fun.

  • That is a long name for a game.
  • Mecha Naruto is too funny, but I most likely will wait for the game that will conclude Naruto's story. I dread the day the manga ends...

  • If dragonball looked and played like this i'd buy it.

  • can they lower the loading times? it get very annoying that this engine after 4 games cant still manage its loading times...oh also, with all the buttons with have on ps3360 controllers, why stick up with 1 button combo? there are 8 buttons, please use them. also the shirukens are useless as well as most of the weapons....except for those issues, i like the serie and the game.

  • Come out with a complete edition for next gen when the anime ends.

  • I want this! I love the games!

  • You can't eve tell what's going on in the thumbnail.

  • Honestly, as a guy that does not particularly like fighting games, I always have a good time playing these and I'm really excited to get this one.

  • I'm still playing naruto generations and storm two happily still not sure if i'm willing to drop sixty dollars for another xbox360 when I know three factors. 1) I'll probably stop playing my xbox in maybe 2-3 years completely. 2) I'm saving up for a ps4 and games for it. 3) I'll decrease the amount of time I spend on my xbox 360 drastically once I get a ps4.

  • I regret getting this game