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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

More Character Screens For Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution features over 100 playable characters, and new screens have appeared for the game featuring powerful Kage.

The screen gallery below shows The Second Mizukage, The Second Tsuchikage, The Third Raikage, and The Fourth Kazekage. You can also take a look at Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura uniting for the Combination Ultimate Jutsu technique.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution comes out this year (date unspecified) for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Be sure to check out the game's initial trailer as well.

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  • The engine powering this game looks amazing. I just wish this engine and these beautiful and crisp graphics was used for an entirely different game....
  • Wonder if those Resurrected Kage will be playable this time around.
  • Love the anime and the games, but I got a feeling this one won't be as good as the rest. It's going to be tough surpassing Storm 3 IMO. I'll end up getting this because of the fighters in it, but I'm anticipating the story to be lackluster. Storm 3 had an awesome campaign, and I know they are at a stale part after the war. Just bring back the jinchurikis and Madara as fighters and I'll be happy.
  • The Storm series continues impressing me with each installment, they really have come a long way since Storm 1 over five years ago. Really looking forward to finally being able to play the Edo Kage, that was the biggest disappointment from Storm 3 was their exclusion.

  • I lost interest in this series. Sort of like my declining interest in Naruto itself. Storm seems to be another cash grab series that tosses a few new characters and maybe a new mechanic along with extending the events. May as well just wait until the manga (eventually) ends and then release a big one.

  • ill buy it, but i can't say im "excited" yet. i want it however they'll have to show me some more stuff as it comes out to get me over that edge.

  • No Anko no buy, been saying that after ninja storm 2.
  • Why isn't it on current gen? PS360 is old and last gen now
  • Wonder where the story is gonna stop for this. SPOILERS TO CURRENT MANGA RELEASE!. They're wrapping up the entire series right now with this fight vs resurrected madara. Either they'll make this story include the ending which i doubt, or there will be 1 more game to finish it all off. But the last game already got pretty far into the story. I didnt finish it cause it froze and it didnt save for a while so i never went back, but im up to where Im fighting Madara. That doesnt leave much else for this game to include. Is it just gonna be repeating the entire story again as usual up to a little bit further this time? Thats kinda lame they shoulda waited till the manga is over which is gonna be in the next few months.
  • I enjoy fighters a lot....but not this series. I prefer PS3 over 360 so unfortunately I can't play Broken Bond, which is much, much better in my opinion. I hated how every attack "combo" you did was on ONE was boring to say the least. Good for those who do like this series though; more power to them.
  • I don't quite understand where the game is going to leave off..

    Do they somehow know how Naruto will end before we do? Because the depth at which they're going in this game is quite close to where the Manga currently is.

  • Careful Anime watchers, This game will cover stuff in the manga.

  • I'd rather wait until the current arc is over to buy. I want the most out a game like this.

  • CC2 and Namco got my attention with that freaky/awesome Mecha-Naruto trailer for this game. Unfortunately, then I realized that I had NO IDEA what was going on with Naruto for years. So now I'm going to have to buy one of the older Ultimate Ninja Storm titles and hoping it's campaign/story mode can catch me up a bit :) Also, good thing Naruto Shippuden's FINALLY on TV again. Thank you, Toonami-Adult Swim!
  • They need to make a port over to PS4....

  • I like playing the games, but I find that the mechanics are too simplistic. My biggest gripe is a lot of matches are "whoever uses all their substitution jutsu first is the loser." I'd like a reversal system that is more skill based.
  • great games! can't wait!

  • Dat name @_@

  • I'm happy about edo kages but I'm worried that Edo Raikage and edo kazekage will play too similarly to Ay and Gaara respectively.

  • I hope they actually make some kind of improvements to the game, and add more depth. i'm a huge naruto fan and have played every game, but the last 3 have been the exact same game (gameplay wise) ,no lack of depth, they just added more characters for you to do the same basic moves with.

    The potential for this game is enormous how about summonings? Environmental effects? If i'm playing with Gaara in the desert he should be able to manipulate it.

    How about Kakashi the ninja with a thousand jutsu only has 3?

    Definitely won't buy, but i'll borrow it from someone.

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