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See Mortal Kombat's Vita-Exclusive "Klassic Skins"

When the reboot of Mortal Kombat came out last year, it put a modern spin on many of the series' classic elements. However, if you want even more old-school homages, you can pick up the Vita version and enjoy its "klassic" skins.

The trailer below shows characters like Sub-Zero and Scorpion fighting in more traditional outfits instead of their new ninja gear. These costumes are only available on the Vita version of the game.

Mortal Kombat Vita comes out next week, on May 1. For more video of the game in action, watch this trailer highlighting the new Vita minigames.

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  • wo this looks incredibleee yayyyy

  • I want a vita price drop.
  • I like klassic skin Reptile so much more than his modern skin.
  • While I can appreciate the classic skins I liked the modern ones a lot more. Scorpion's in particular was just so much cooler than his old outfit, but really, most of the ninja characters looked better in their updates. Sub-Zero was about the closest to his old outfit as any of them and even so, he new gear looked a lot more detailed and practical than what's essentially a gi.

  • i hate the vitas tiny buttons. Tiny dpad tiny face buttons and tiny sticks. Its just a real *** platform for fighters.

  • Don't get me wrong, I like Mortal Kombat, but I'm more of a Street Fighter fan.

  • The classic skins look great.

  • The skins and the game looks fantastic.

  • The Vita is full of ports, when is it gonna get great games

  • I just wish that they would release MK for the 3ds, so I wouldn't have to buy a new system.

  • Awsome! Be picking up day 1. To the ppl complaining about a price drop. Its worth the money...just do it already.

  • Mod

    Is it bad that I was secretly hoping for a klassic Freddy Krueger skin before I watched the trailer?

  • Just picked up Mortal Kombat for the Ps3 Saturday and its got me sold on this game! Cannot wait!!2!

  • Cool beans!

  • I hope they fix Raiden's cape.

  • Okay, I gotta ask... just what is with the "K," anyway? What does this game series have against the letter C? Or was it just one of those 90's-era "Poor Literacy is KEWL" things?
  • I don't understand how this game can look so ugly compared to the first Mortal Kombat games. What an age we live in :/
  • Kind of mad but kind of glad I traded in my 3DS with LM2 and BW2 coming out but now I have a vita :)


  • So sexy