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Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Vita Trailer Shows Off Minigames And Violence

The latest trailer for the Vita version of Mortal Kombat shows off finger slicing decapitations and fatalities.

You'll see the typical Mortal Kombat, um, combat, and you'll also see the minigames that take advantage of the Vita's capabilities. There's a Fruit Ninja type game, a balancing act game that seems to use the Vita's tilt mechanics, and at least one head removal via slicing your finger across the screen, among many others.

There isn't an exact release date just yet, but we should see Mortal Kombat for PlayStation Vita this Spring.

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  • so looking forward to this!

  • The graphics look a little cel-shaded...
  • This looks fantastic, but I'm still on the fence regarding the Vita. My 3DS is keeping me more than entertained.
  • I love the "fruit ninja" bits! I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this one.

  • I've played Uncharted GA but this is the first REAL must-own for Vita owners.

  • Is kratos gonna be in this?
  •  . . .

    .. .. .

  • Awesome, reason i got my vita.
  • Sweet can't wait, I love portable fighting games

  • That's pretty cool, it's pretty amazing what the Vita can do. I would buy one, but I'm completely broke :(
  • they get to use Shao Kahn, not fair
  • Never picked up the ps3 version, dont know why but i guess i had so many other games to play, but i belive this will be a good game to add to my Vita library!

  • I like MK but I just suck at it so much....
  • I love MK but at first I wasn't gonna get this, for some reason this franchise makes me throw controllers... I had to replace a DualShock last year. But I gotta have this!

  • Was that Shao Kahn... playable? The animation for his fatality was the same, but it kind of looked like the player was inputting the command for his fatality.
  • Was it just me or did Kenshi have a different costume at one scene?
  • sounds like a fun time!

  • Hopefully the motion and touch controls won't feel like a gimmick though. That has been the most frustrating part of every Vita game I've played so far.

  • Incorporating "Fruit Ninja" into the best fighting game ever is an awesome idea! This game might push me to actually buy a portable gaming device that isn't for my kids. :)

  • Alright I gotta ask: doesn't the whole screen touching get annoying after a while?

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