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Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Packing A Small But Mighty Punch

The PlayStation Vita launch games are out, and one title that unfortunately could not be there is Mortal Kombat. Still, you can take a look at what the game has to offer in this new trailer.

Although Mortal Kombat doesn't feature a library level, you can certainly take it there and play the game, as well as enjoy some Vita-exclusive gameplay features like using the front touchscreen. Judging by the video below, however, we bet that we'll be more impressed by how the game appears to move as fluidly as the PS3 version.

If this excites you, take a look at this previous video showing more of Mortal Kombat's gameplay.

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  • Get over here!
  • Wow, this is really tempting me to get a Playstation Vita. It would be such a good time smashing others apart on the go! If only I had the monies...=(

  • This is extremely tempting. Love mortal kombat. Too bad I have it on my ps3 with all downloadable content. If they added at least one more playable character, I would buy it. The ps vita is capable of awesomeness.
  • You know what would be a better place to fight than a library? A china shop. And those are some weird places they show in the trailer, why would you playing video games in a library or a skate park?
  • lol That's funny.

  • Don't care...still no reason for me to buy a Vita...needs a price drop.
  • The office kombat was awesome. The game flows nicely on the PSVita too.
  • Include online multiplayer and I'm sold.
  • Pretty cool. It's a really good-looking game for a hand-held!

  • game looks fuckn good though if its review is based off of console expectations it wil most likely be givin a lower score then it deserves, they should add AR to this game sort of like Reality Fighters but better alowing u to fight against mortal combat characters

    i wasnt edited for cusing
  • I know this game is on my list to get, also today sony has mentioned some cross platform stuff, so who knows what MK will provide if you own the PS3 version also.  So that would be interesting to see what we get from that.

  • The only reason I won't buy this is because fighting games cause me to ruin my controllers. I don't get mad and throw them or anything it's just all that button grinding and and joystick moving really has it's effect on my controllers. Since you only get one "controller" with the VITA I don't want to ruin it. Which sucks because MK is an outstanding game.

    Also GI fix your dang videos!! I don't know about everyone else but no matter where or what computer I use your videos ALWAYS have lag. ALWAYS. No problem with youtube videos or any other video services just yours...
  • Mod
    Everything about the trailer was awesome... EXCEPT THE DUBSTEP. Jeez, I HATE that stuff! That said, I would buy a Vita just for this.
  • this wont be nearly as good as the skyrim exclusive
  • it would of been cool if they would have stolen reality fighters ideas and you the augmented reality as stages for things such as winning three matches in a row.
  • Okay....I want a PSvita now. Mortal Kombst is AWESOME! Seeing that trailer made me think of the first time I played Mortal Kombat 2 on Sega Game Gear and how bad ass that was.

  • that was cool!

  • ps3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Interesting, but not enough to make me want to purchase a Vita. To those who haven't played and own a Vita will surely be intrigued.
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