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Mortal Kombat

The PlayStation Vita Version Of Mortal Kombat Earns Its M Rating

There is no need worry that the handheld version of the historically brutal franchise (except for that one time Batman and Superman got involved) is getting scaled back.

There's still plenty of face ripping and on the fly heart surgery going on. You also get to see what the Vita versions of Kratos and Freddy Krueger look like.

Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita will be available in March of this year.

Thanks to Alex for the news tip.

[via PlayStation.Blog]

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  • Looks really fluid. Still unsure if I'd want to buy a PSVita, when I would basically have the equivalent/better version on my PS3. Not to sound elitist or anything. I guess it fits a different role better, than for people who are at home when they play games often.
  • will this version of MK9 have the same features as the MK Komplete Edition? I know that the touch controls won't be there obviously, but i know they added like a bunch of challenges and things to the tower... I am just curious if that is what we would be getting on the Komplete version as well?
  • Wow! Looking *foxy* tonight man! Hey, is your troop gonna be selling cookies again this year?
  • If I had any respect for the Vita, it would have been lost now.
  • Looks pretty good. I have the 360 version but I might want to get this one eventually.

  • Mod
    Is it just me, or the the graphics look a LOT worse in motion than in, say, screenshots? It may have just been the lighting/angle/video quality, I dunno.

    Either way, I said Mortal Kombat would be the game that sold me on the Vita, and it was. Even with the really annoying looking blood-wiping mechanic (hopefully that's just a Test Your Luck/Code thing...), this looks like an awesome, portable version of the already stellar fighter.

    Ooh, and you spelled "Krueger" wrong in the tags, Kyle. :3
  • Man if vita has one thing going for it, its fighting games. With my two personal favs fRom the last five years already announced, and soul caliber probibly makeing ane as well.

  • One more reason to buy, I just don't get why these aren't selling. They seem to be announcing some pretty good looking games. I know they're not out yet, but lots of people buy consoles because of the titles know are coming out.
  • I think this may be the version of the game I get.  Fighting games seem like a perfect fit for a handheld.

  • Mortal Kombat is looking darn good on the Vita. Only a few more weeks.

  • Batman and Superman were in Mortal Kombat?
  • Wow that was quick, I submitted this at 2am, didn't think it would take. I submitted a lame ar game that Sony was promoting that was a soccer game. It pays to be an insomniac, except usually I'm asleep by now. Today's gonna suck. I was afraid that they really had to cut the polygon count on this game, glad to see it still looks rather decent.

  • Have my PS Vita pre-ordered and half-way payed off. Also I love how you can wipe the blood off of the screen when playing Mortal Kombat.

  • lookin good

  • I don't like the "wiping the blood off the screen" effect, that would totally piss me off in a fight.
  • Was that guy wiping the blood off the Vits's screen? That feels like it would be an annoying part of the game.

  • Sweet!

  • That looks cool!

  • The vita still gives me something new to impress me. Can't wait for feb. 22!

  • Looking very smooth for a handheld, very very nice.

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