Mighty No. 9, from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, had a hugely successful Kickstarter run, but it is looking to raise more money to make the game even larger.

The game's Kickstarter raised nearly $4 million dollars, easily blowing past its $900,000 goal last year. The new fundraising campaign is being held outside of Kickstarter and is being used to add even more features to the game. Director Inafune assures in a video (which you can see below) that the funds initially raised will take the game to completion as originally promised, but this new Paypal powered fundraising will add even more features, and give those who missed the Kickstarter a chance to pre-order the game. The first goal, set at $100,000, will add full English voice-over to the game. For more on the new fundraising efforts, head here.

Alongside the new fundraising comes the announcement of an animated Mighty No. 9 TV show. You can see the first teaser for it below from production company Digital Frontier. Game developer Comcept is involved in the show's creation, but the animated show is a completely separate entity from the development of the game. More details are promised to be revealed for the show soon.

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[Source: Mighty No. 9, via Joystiq]