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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Here Are Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor's Achievements And Trophies

We learned a lot about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor during Gamescom, and developer Monolith Productions has some more details to offer with the game's Achievements and Trophies.

You can check out the full list below. You won't see names of characters or specific story beats in the list, but there's always the risk of spoilers when looking at a game's Achievements and Trophies ahead of completion, so tread lightly.

  • A Graug's Heel (10 GP): Capitalize on a Warchief's fear
  • A Mighty Doom (10 GP): Acquire a level 25 rune
  • A New Master (15 GP): Brand a Captain while in combat
  • And it Burns, Burns, Burns (15 GP): Use the detonate ability to burn 50 Uruks
  • Bearer of the Shining Lamp (20 GP): Collect 100 percent of the Ithildin
  • Black Celebration (15 GP): Poison a captain at his own feast
  • Burning Vengeance (15 GP): Perform an execution on a flaming berserker
  • Crowned with Living Light (10 GP): Collect 50 percent of the Ithildin
  • Divide and Conquer (15 GP): Eliminate the bodyguards of two Warchiefs, then draw them out and kill them
  • Fire of Justice (30 GP): Complete all Urfael Legend Missions
  • Fly you fools! (10 GP): Make 20 Uruks flee by dropping Morgai Fly nests
  • Height of Despair (10 GP): Use Strike From Above while at least 60 feet above the target
  • Iron of Death (10 GP): Issue a Death Threat, and then successfully kill the target
  • Jaws of Death (10 GP): Attract caragors with bait five times.
  • Legend of Shadow (10 GP): Complete a Dagger Mission and begin growing the legend of Acharn
  • Legend of Vengeance (15 GP): Complete a Sword Mission and begin growing the legend of Urfael
  • Legend of the Maker (10 GP): Complete a Bow Mission and begin growing the legend of Azkâr
  • Liberator (30 GP): Complete all Outcast Rescue Missions
  • Lord and Master (10 GP): Brand all five Warchiefs
  • Master of the Wilds (20 GP): Complete all Hunting Challenges
  • Memories of Eregion (20 GP): Activate all Forge Towers
  • No Power in Numbers (10 GP): Help a Captain survive a Recruitment Power Struggle, and then kill him and all his new recruits
  • Paid in Blood (20 GP): Unlock four Dagger Rune slots
  • Paths of the Dead (20 GP): Collect 25 percent of the Artifacts
  • Power Vacuum (10 GP): Kill all five Warchiefs before any Uruk takes their place
  • Ranger of Ithilien (20 GP): Complete all Survivalist Challenges
  • Repaid in Blood (10 GP): Complete a Vendetta Mission
  • Rise and Fall (20 GP): After an Uruk kills Talion to become a Captain, help him become a Warchief, then kill him
  • Scout of the Morannon (20 GP): Successfully complete a Survivalist Challenge
  • Shadows of the Ancient Past (30 GP): Collect 100 percent of the Artifacts and listen to their memories
  • Stinking Rebels (20 GP): Brand five Bodyguards of a Warchief, turning them against him in combat
  • Strike True (20 GP): Unlock two Bow Rune slots
  • The Cold Light (20 GP): Unlock three Sword Rune slots
  • The Free Folk (15 GP): Complete an Outcast Rescue Mission
  • The Last Shadow (30 GP): Complete all Acharn Legend Missions
  • The Maker's Bow (30 GP): Complete all Azkâr Legend Missions
  • The Spirit of Mordor (20 GP): Start a Riot by commanding a Warchief to attack another Warchief
  • The White Rider (15 GP): Liberate 30 slaves in 180 seconds while riding a caragor
  • Thrill of the Hunt (20 GP): Successfully complete four Hunting Challenges
  • Unleashed (10 GP): Free five caragors from cages
  • You Will Obey (20 GP): Make an Uruk yours

PlayStation Exclusive:

  • Master of Mordor: Platinum trophy for unlocking all achievements

For more on the game and the inclusion of Gollum, which releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 September 30 and PC on October 2, head here.

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  • I don't know much about this game and find myself strapped for time to do adequate research. What kind of game is it, and what does it play like?
  • No difficulty based achievements. I like it.
  • So I can get most just by playing the game as if achievements didn't exist? Cool.

  • 'Brand all five Warchiefs?' There are only five? Sounds kind of... short. Maybe it's a side objective or something. :S
  • Those don't seem too hard. It shall be another platinum in my ever growing list.

  • Some sound pretty creative so if I get the game, I'll try for them. I like the fly you fools name, should've been a you shall not pass!

    And Kyle, the platinum is gained after unlocking all trophies, not acheivements :)

  • I hate all these cross-Gen games coming out before I get my XBO in late October. At least with Diablo 3 and Destiny, I can eventually transfer my characters to the new platform. I might have to just be patient with Shadow of Mordor, despite my barely contained excitement.
  • Yeah no difficulty trophies. That makes me happy.

  • I hope this game ends up being as awesome as it looks. This is probably my most anticipated for 2014 so I'd be really disappointed if it wasn't totally awesome.

  • Nice Game of Thrones related achievement/trohpy in Black Celebration. Looks simple enough. Really excited for this game.

  • Seems easy enough to platinum.

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  • What a disappointment. There isn't a single "you shall not pass" reference here anywhere. In all seriousness, I like that there are not too many here that require you to simply do one simple move over and over and over and........
  • *points* I am Groot.
  • Don't those all add up to only 690 gamerscore? Would the remaining 310 be of the dreaded "this is a secret achievement, play more to learn about it" variety?