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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Gollum Will Play A Key Role In Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor [New Trailer]

Human ranger Talion and elf wraith Celebrimbor make a powerful duo against the evil Sauron, but they'll need the help of an unlikely ally to get the job done.

We saw a new area of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor focused on tracking down the strange, ring-loving Gollum. He wants the One Ring back from Bilbo Baggins and Celebrimbor needs a hand remembering what and who he was back when he was a living elf and not a weird ghost of vengeance.

The first task is to follow Gollum's trail, which can be seen as glowing blue tracks in the wraith world. Talion follows the trail up and down cliffs and notices that buildings that are ruins in the present day appear brand new in the wraith world. This will play into puzzles in the game somehow, but developer Monolith Productions isn't elaborating yet. 

The trail leads to a monstrous Graug cave, which we're not equipped to deal with at this early point in the game. Talion looks around and shoots down some meat of some kind to draw the beast away and lure it into battle with other night predators. He dashes into the Graug lair while it's distracted to pick up Gollum's trail again. 

They find some ancient blacksmith tongs and Talion sees a vision of Celebrimbor's past life. He was a fair, blonde elf who forged the rings of power alongside Sauron back when he was a normal guy as well. Those familiar with the source material already know that the deal goes south eventually and Sauron eventually tortures him to death. Hence the vengeance part. 

Once the vision ends, the caves starts falling apart and enemies rush in. Here we see the first use of the Shadow Strike skill available in previous demos. Talion targets enemies in the wraith world and instead of shooting them with arrow teleports over and kills them up close. This allows him to move quickly out of the dangerous situation and helps complete the bonus objective of escaping the cave in under a minute.

Outside the cave, Gollum greets Celebrimbor as Bright Master recognizing him as the creator of his precious missing ring. Talion treats him rudely and Gollum responds in kind. Despite this, they agree to work together. Gollum suggests they find more ancient relics from Celebrimbor's time to jog his memory further and push the quest along. 

The demo closes there, but Monolith promises that Celebrimbor and Sauron will meet up in the game and that it will be epic. The journey toward this goal begins September 30.

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  • I love the idea of Gollum being in this. He's such a great character. This game is definitely on my wish list ??
  • This game looks like nothing but a good time. I hope it ends up as good as it looks. I would remodel talion tho.

  • Can't wait for this game. Nemesis system sounds like the first truly next-gen component to a game most people have been looking for other than improved graphics and FPS. Personally I love LOTR, this game looks awesome and I can't wait to dive into this game when it comes out.
  • That's awesome that Gollum is in the game.

  • Puzzles, eh? And Gollum?

    Now I'm all excited again... And I still have a month and a half 'till my preorder gets here. AAAARGH!

  • Precious . . .

  • Gollum is my favorite character from the books. The movies didn't do him justice, they did a good job but he is such a complex character. It'll be nice to see him in this game.
  • So this takes place between The Hobbit and Fellowship? I thought it predated everything. In that case, players should bump into Gandalf and Strider while tracking Gollum.
  • This is like an Assassin's Creed/LOTR game mash-up. I love it.
  • Hoping to see how this game really captures the character of Gollum...also very interesting to show him recognizing the past behind his ring. In the books he seems to show some awareness of what would happen if Sauron took the ring...so he is at least aware of what the ring can do.

  • My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill before this is over.
  • One ring to rule them all.

  • This game is just getting better and better. I think this is the first time I've ever been excited for a LOTR game.

  • "[A]longside Sauron back when he was a normal guy as well." I don't think Sauron was a normal dude when he was forging the rings. Pretty much after his body was crushed towards the end of the Silmarillion, in the Valar battle, whatever shred of normal appearance he had was lost.
  • Awesome! This game just keeps getting better and better--so excited!

  • Yes!!!

  • I hope the story isn't disappointing. I can't imagine Talion having much success going up against Sauron, seeing as how this is set between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. But whatevs. So long as it's fun, I'll be happy.

  • Love Gollum. It would be great if Andy Serkis did the voice work for him.
  • This gives me higher hopes for a good story.

  • meh.

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