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Re-Enter The Metro With Three Redux Screenshots

Last week, Deep Silver revealed the extensive remake of 4A Games' Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. The titles, which will be available separately via digital delivery or in a retail bundle, are more than a visual touch-up.

As we mentioned last week, the Redux titles form a more cohesive experience. Both now feature game modes that allow players to take a more survival oriented path or one that is more action-focused. Mechanics, like the mask wipe from Last Light have been implemented in 2033.

You can see the announcement trailer here. Metro Redux (and the titles individually) will be out this summer for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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  • so pretty
  • This is good news, as I've never played either game. But, I hope those retail versions are actually on the disc, and don't just amount to passes to download the digital versions.

  • I hope it gets the sales it needs and we see a third in the series. The latest one was great!
  • These look so good. I can't wait to get a release date.

  • Super cleannnnnnnnnnn! Can't wait to replay 2033 in this version, a personal favorite of mine and a total sleeper upon release.
  • I've always been really interested in these but never bought either one. I will definitely pick this up.
  • Still looks pretty crappy compared to PC.
  • Never played the Metro series. Looking forward to this collection.

  • This looks awesome! I wish they'd give us a solid release date but they're probably waiting until E3.

  • I have never played a game with an atmosphere as strong as the atmosphere in the Metro games.

  • I still need to play Last Light since I got from PS+.

  • I loved Last Light, it was one of my favorite games last year, but I didn't play Metro 2033, but Last Light made me want to play the game finally, as well as this, so it put me over the edge and now it's downloading on the Xbox 360. I can't wait for this collection.

  • Loved Metro 2033, and beat it not too long ago. Hadn't ever played a concept like that before. And I have yet to play LL!