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Metro Redux

Metro Redux Is Much More Than A Visual Update

After a leak earlier this year, Deep Silver bit the bullet and confirmed the existence of Metro Redux, a updated compilation of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Today, we’ve got new details about the titles, and the visual update is just the beginning.

Both titles will run at 60 frames per second, with Metro 2033 receiving the bulk of the upgrades. That title has been revamped on developer 4A Games’ latest engine, and incorporating the gameplay features from Last Light.

The AI is smarter and deadlier and the mask wipe mechanic and animation have been implemented. Of course, the visuals have been overhauled to bring them on par with Last Light, which has seen its own improvements. 

Fan-requested features like being able to check the watch and inventory have been implemented. Additionally, players can opt to progress through the games in either the survival horror style of Metro 2033 or the more action-based play of Last Light.

All of the DLC, including Ranger Mode (no HUD, more difficult conditions), are included for both. The two titles will be available for $24.99 each via download on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A retail compilation will be available simultaneously this summer. Linux and SteamOS versions are planned for later this year.

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  • Although I found both Metro games to be enjoyable, I havent really seen what everyone else has been seeing with it. I honestly thought shooters like Singularity and Wolfenstein were much more refined(just random examples). I found the concept of having bullets as currency to be pretty cool. I also really enjoyed the setting. Maybe it was the dark, depressing, and overly dreary tone of the game that made me want to shy away from it upon completion. To me it was forgettable, so Im naturally surprised they are upgrading the game for next gen. I may pick it up since Im a shooter nut, but its definitely not one of my favorite games....and that freaking light you had to pump...ugh lol
  • Definitely going to pick up the retail compilation this summer.

  • Nice, survival horror mode and action mode for both. That means it would proably be worth playing both of them twice. Not to mention the new visuals.

  • One word: Awesomeness.

  • They'd have to seriously revamp the AI for me to purchase it again. The enemies in Last Light were very stupid. I liked the heavy feel of the action though.

  • Cool beans.. loving these updated versions of stuff I missed.

  • I didn't play any of these last gen. I was really close to buying them at one point, but chose not too. I will not hesitate at this oppurtunity on this. I love games with creepy atmospheres.

  • Awesome news. I'm curious to see if you can still complete the "Good Ending" in Metro 2033, considering the scraped that storyline for Last Light. Either way I will be buying this. For 24.99 that's a great price.
  • Impressive! I haven't played either game. I have Last Light thanks to PS+ but have not tried it since I missed 2033. This is a massive win for me and I will be buying Metro 2033 D1!

  • There should be a free upgrade patch for people who have already bought the games.
  • Wow, nice! Including an updated version of 2033 is very smart, considering how outdated it is now. I also like the survival vs. action option. I think Metro is on its way to being more widely recognized as a top tier franchise. They just need to release a sequel to Last Light sometime after this.

  • These games sound awesome! There is something thrilling about playing an action/adventure horror game with all the subtle detail features like Ranger Mode, pumping the light, wiping the mask, etc that make this a very atmospheric and immersive game. EDIT: Will the PS4 and Xbox One versions be 1080p?
  • As sick I am hearing of last gen titles getting ported over, this is the kind I can get behind. They're actually adding additional features not in the Metro 2033. Well it'll give me something to play in the coming months till fall releases.

  • I can't wait. I adore the Metro games despite their many quirks.

  • Well I will be getting both of these games. Damn you video game industry for making so many games I want

  • Now, it would be nice if they included the updated mechanics into the PC versions as well as a free update, as they are already doing the coding.
  • The most exciting thing I read was being able to go through the game in survival horror style of 2033, I LOVED THAT. I really enjoyed Last Light but thought 2033 was the much better story, atmosphere and game.

  • I did not play either so I might pick this up to play both.
  • I'm sure glad I got a lesser experience when I bought them on release day...
  • I will definitely be getting this.

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