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Metro: Last Light

Watch My Favorite Part Of The Metro: Last Light E3 Demo

There was a lot to love in THQ's E3 demo for Metro: Last Light, but one part stood out to me as a particularly cool demonstration of the kind of moments I loved in the first Metro game. Now you can see that portion of the demo for yourself.

In this video, main character Artyom and his partner Khan have slipped into a heavily-populated Reich outpost. In order to survive, the two must attempt to blend in amongst the Fascists, leading to this tense, atmosphere-packed scene where they slowly push through a crowd during a hate-filled speech.

Check out the video below, leave a comment with your thoughts, and find out more about the full E3 demo in my original preview.

  • Reminds me of the chase scene in Red Station. I wish that game made me learn more about that guy who helped you but ultimately was gunned down. You never hear from him again...

  • I wait for this game! The first one is in my "All Time Favorite" list. I'm also really excited to see a great franchise get the attention it deserves.

  • nice... looks great again

  • AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Oh man! This (if anything like the previous one) will be brilliant!

  • This looks like a good rejuvenation of Nazi era games

  • This game looks awesome! Im gonna play through the first one soon and see how i like it.

  • Dang, is the first Metro that awesome?
  • Can't wait for this. Metro: Last Light is a breath of fresh air from COD and other "mainstream" FPS. Thank the Heavens! ;)

  • Looks great. I will have to give this one a go...

  • This looks incredible, an obvious huge improvement from the first at least graphically.

  • Zomfg this looks absolutely stunning, and I'm loving the new character animations.

  • this game is going to be awsome. i played the first one and i loved it. defenitely looking forward for this game.

  • The only reason I studied Russian at UCLA was to play Metro games

  • I'm looking forward to this game, and this trailer leads me to believe this game is gonna be something different.