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Metro: Last Light

Watch My Favorite Part Of The Metro: Last Light E3 Demo

There was a lot to love in THQ's E3 demo for Metro: Last Light, but one part stood out to me as a particularly cool demonstration of the kind of moments I loved in the first Metro game. Now you can see that portion of the demo for yourself.

In this video, main character Artyom and his partner Khan have slipped into a heavily-populated Reich outpost. In order to survive, the two must attempt to blend in amongst the Fascists, leading to this tense, atmosphere-packed scene where they slowly push through a crowd during a hate-filled speech.

Check out the video below, leave a comment with your thoughts, and find out more about the full E3 demo in my original preview.

  • Saw this last night. This game looks beautiful. Luckily this is coming to PS3. Good thing I saw the walkthrough for part 1 a while ago. Now I can't wait to play this!
  • Uhhhhh... Visuals looks great an all. But it's another shooter. Looks highly reminiscent of the Nazi party. IDK, other than visuals, what pops out in this? Story may be top notch, but other than that... IDK, I'm just not seeing it.
  • Mod
    Bought the original for my 360 yesterday finally.:) I'll be picking this one up on my PS3. It looks phenomenal. I'm really diggin the atmosphere and overall look of it.
  • *** that was intense. Obviously it looks amazing. I never played the first one, but this one has definitely gotten my attention.

  • Definitely pickin this one up should probably play the first one too.

  • I really wanted to play the first one, but it was 360 console exclusive.
  • Is this a direct sequel to the first.
  • If i could find an english copy of the book, i would put down the controller
  • It's unique to see that the crowd is not only made up of soldiers, we also see civilians mixed in as well. That was one thing I loved so much about the first, you really got the sense of the game being a whole new world rather than just a world to fit the shooter gameplay. Very well done.

  • Dang, they are refining the heck out of that game - and I'm insanely happy to know it. 2033 was an excellent EXCELLENT game in it's own right.

  • I hope it can deliver on the atmosphere.  That looks like it'd be intriguing.

  • Looks good anxiously awaiting part 3.

  • Seeing the children running shocked me. I don't think I've ever seen a child in an FPS. :P

  • I'm playing Metro 2033 (I finally got to Polis) and darn that game is flipping intense. Considering the improvements to the gameplay I'm seeing for this one I don't know how I'll make it.
  • I need another Graphics Card.  I could barely run the first Metro on max with my 550ti.  

  • I loved the first one and I'm really looking forward to playing this one, there was a similar scene in the first one as well.

  • I really liked the first Metro, so this next one is going to be enjoyable

  • Awesome trailer.

  • WOW

  • Very nice.

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