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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Meet Revengeance's Bosses And Their Fancy Weapons

Konami's still on a trailer binge, but fortunately the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance clips have been worth watching. The publisher has released a pair of new trailers from Platinum Games' take on the franchise, and it's looking like this Raiden guy has potential.

The first video serves as an introduction to some of the game's robotic enemies. They include the hulking, chest-beating Mastiffs; nimble, bipedal Raptors; and the Grads, which is essentially a walking turret with a mean swipe kick.

The second trailer highlights a few of the more conventional enemies. This being Metal Gear, "conventional" includes the multiarmed woman pictured above. Raiden can take the weapons from his defeated opponents and level them up. Even their default states look deadly, however. The pole arm and sai look like they'll be handy against long-range and close-up enemies, while the scissor blade looks just plain mean.

Look for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 19.

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  • Cool.

  • The Pole Arm is actually just a pole made of cyborg arms. What I want to see is how the boss weapons will affect Blade Mode.
  • Is it just me, or are the Irving enemies miniature Metal Gear REX units?

  • I've been excited about this release for a while now, but trying to go into it without spoiling the content is getting so hard with all the pre-release trailers they're putting out. As a side note: Anyone remember when basically all you saw about a game before it released was its cover art and maybe a few clips of gameplay that were on its TV commercial?
  • Parrying was kinda hit and miss, but the combat was awesomely fun
  • Great, now Raiden has the ability to touch himself multiple times.

  • Okay, NOW I'm going to reserve the game!

  • I didn't think much of this game at first, but ever since I played the demo in the Zone of the Enders HD collection, I have been anticipating this game like crazy. Its far from a generic hack-and-slash game like a lot of people are saying. The only thing I haven't been able to get down yet is that annoying parry system.
  • wasn't too impressed with the demo... visually breathtaking, gameplay is atrocious.
  • Wow, looks pretty neat.  I'll have to see how the critics rate it first though.  I can totally see them saying that its a hack n slash game that gets boring.  But the three unique weapons look pretty badass.

  • They sure have been releasing a lot of trailers. At least Konami is supporting a Platinum, unlike SEGA. I already got it preordered, so hopefully these trailers show the game is worth a shot to others.

  • my disappointment so far is every location looks bland and industrial like the dudes at platinum games ever been to the damn country side,what? theres no jungles in the future? snowy mountains.have they never heard of ski' personally would've loved raiden skiing down a mountain slicing thru niggas and tanks like a on rails part just break up the monotony of run slice front flip. that too is a place where they missed the opportunity ,have the japanese ever seen gymnastics???? couldnt raiden cartwheel away from attacks and jump thru walls to escape.its like no creativity,nothing new but slice thru everything and have buildings collapse with no weight like its paper or cardboard .
  • Those weapons are fancy!
  • I love all the trailers they put out, but I haven't heard or read anything about an online MP feature for Metal Gear Rising. I liked the Metal Gear Online in Guns of the Patriots. Certainly hoping they bring it back.
  • Ah yeah!

  • Wait, so now he Pole dances enemies to death? only in Metal Gear. Not as excited for this game as I am for Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain/MGS5, maybe it's because I don't like Platinum games that much.

  • I always loved getting stuff from bosses
  • Nice to see the Metal Gear trend of wacky bosses continue in Revengeance.

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