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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Konami Releases Three New Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailers

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is getting close, and Konami is rolling out all kinds of trailers to get everyone ready. The first trailer shows off a few of the game's locations and the second shows off the Zandatsu technique, where Raiden basically steals and destroys enemy spines. The third video details many of the enhancements of Raiden's impressive suit.

You can check out all three of the new trailers below.



Suit Overview

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  • http://images.4chan.org/v/src/1358995797923.jpg
  • There are too many trailers for this game.
  • Getting pretty excited about this.

  • I love the mgs series but I think the biggest thing that will hurt this game sales wise is the name brand, such a fun game to play!
  • I was told you can make it through this whole game without killing people. I'm beginning to doubt it.
  • I am definitely not in any way not hating toward the way this games fighting mechanics changed, but i sure do miss the first way this game was going. I can not wait for the demo too to see if i will be picking this game up or not.
  • loved the demo. can't wait for the game

  • We had cows; we had chickens. For us, the farm was the most perfect place to raise a family. Until the alliance of crows and locusts invaded and began a scorched earth policy. After all was done, only snakes and ghosts were left. We migrated to Asia to make a new life, but the fearsome rice-scourge has been launching attacks against our new farm. If we are attacked again, I fear for my children's lives. Please help us, donate time, arms, kind words, hot pockets. Please.
  • Does anyone know where I can find Metal Gear 1? I've been meaning to start the series and I almost bought the Metal Gear HD Collection for my Xbox, but sadly I didn't... Anywho, this game looks super bad-ass (and yes, I do understand that the other games looked nothing like this because this is the super awesome Raiden ninja guy).
  • I didn't like the look of the first iteration (or 2?) of this game, but these trailers keep looking better and better.

  • Just played the demo today and I really like the ninja mode cutter majigger lol. Overall the demo was pretty interesting probably will not buy though until there's a price drop or something like that.

  • This game just looks better and better.

  • Yeah... I'm getting this. Platinum Games always delivers the goods.
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  • Please, PLEASE, tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this looks utterly stupid!
  • The demo was pretty lame overall.  Although ripping out spines or whatever for health was/is kinda fun.

  • After today, all I can think about is how this studio might end up with Darksiders and Vigil:) *crossing my fingers* (Please make something happen, Platinum! Imagine; you could rename the studio "Platinum Austin" or something, and have them keep working on action games of their own, or help out with stuff like this and Bayonetta 2!)
  • Awesome

  • Ive never played a Metal Gear Game but this looks like so much fun

  • so i assume there will be a lot of "spine tingling" moments in this game?....anyone? hahaha lol

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