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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

EA Drops A Few Multiplayer Beta Screens

Medal of Honor: Warfighter's beta has been available since last weekend, but time is running out. The Xbox-360 exclusive is live until the clock strikes 11:59 p.m. Pacific. EA and Danger Close have released a few new screens from the beta, in case you don't know what to expect from the military shooter.

The beta includes the Hotspot mode, which is basically an attack and defend game split across points in the Sarajevo Stadium map. You can choose to play as one of a dozen different units, from the complete game's roster of 72 different types.

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  • played the beta...was not to impressed
  • The beta was REALLY disappointing...
  • Hey look! It's zombie bus in BF3!! I mean... that yearly FPS the EA is coming out with.... I mean..... MOH!!! All jokes aside, I really thought that was the zombie bus from Black Ops 2.
  • it felt to CoD for my taste. like a mix of MW and BF3. but it feels like they got the recipe wrong.

  • I played the beta and it was disappointing, but that was expected. The beta for Battlefield 3 sucked too, but we all know how great that turned out. I still have faith. Even if the finished copy isn't as good as expected, at least the campaign should be as great as the last game's, which is what I really care about anyway.

    Also, things like the menu layout aren't the same as they will be when the game releases. We just got the bare bones version for the beta. The real copy was played all summer at the gaming conventions and is much better.
  • I have to be honest... The MoH Beta is terrible. Plus, you play on a map that is at night. Whose idea was it to use that map to show off the game?! This is going to be another loss because the MP sucks hard. I would definitely rather play BF3 over MoH. What a disappointment...
  • lol

  • Can you even call it a Beta when it's just for one platform? A Beta is for finding bugs in a game before launch - I'm pretty sure that the xbox 360 version isn't the only one with bugs... Looks like 'Beta' has transformed into a state of advertising 60$ EA games instead of actually helping the developer... Maybe I'm just pissed at the fact that I wanted to see the advanced Frostbite 2 engine on my pc instead of the low settings console version...
  • its way to much like battlefield 3 and not enough like medal of honor
  • i was hoping that they would fix the HORRIBLE spawns that plagued the first MOH but nope....in fact i could say they are worse
  • Mod

    I enjoyed the E3 demo despite the spawn camping (hopefully Danger Close will address that). But there are just too many competitors for me to opt in right now.

  • The beta was fantastic! 343 Studios and Treyarch must be really worried this year!
  • The beta is god awful. I know it's only a Beta, but there is something about this game that turns me off. It was very unenjoyable and the menu's are atrocious.
  • Wait,WHAT?Today?I though the beta was going to end the 15th!!


  • Didn't play the beta and from what I'm hearing it's definitely not worth putting down Borderlands 2 at the moment. At least not until Assassins Creed III.

  • The "beta" was trash. It made me cancel my pre-order. It was really more of a multiplayer demo. The game is shipping out very soon. I'll pick up the game when the price drop.

  • lets hope the multiplayer is better this time around
  • Didn't enjoy the "beta" at all. I never figured out what was happening, couldn't read any of the text, weapons felt disgusting, hit detection seemed off, menus were hideous and confusing and the character models had pointy faces. Pointy. Faces.

  • The Beta has some issues but there was more good than bad. The weapons mechanics were tight, the recoil unforgiving, the aiming difficult and enemies drop with just a few rounds. Everything a true shooter fan should wish for.

    The spawns were not great but I think that has just as much to do with 10v10 gameplay on such a small map. And the map, being a nighttime, low-light environment, was not the best way to showcase the game. The camping was a product of the game mode which encouraged defenders to stay put around the objective. So bad choice of mode/map for this Beta.

    The few glitches I found were minor and while the menus and Battlelog integration are not very intuitive, they are manageable with time. The two-man fireteam system is great. Danger Close is very subtle with its us of Frostbite 2 environmental destruction. I think it could have been a little more pronounced. There are support streaks that are based on all in-game action not just kills and you have the choice between an attack or defend action at each of the four levels. The higher tier assault ones are powerful but not obnoxious.

    This game IS NOT like COD (and I have played the last 6) and it is not like BF3 either, not even in the Close Quarters maps. It is unique but at the same time familiar. That is good for any FPS fan looking for a change without leaving their comfort zone.
  • for running frostbite 2 the game didnt look that great.
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