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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

New Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

Here's an exciting new look at gameplay footage from Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

The new trailer shows off footage of a rescue operation of some foreign aid workers. The action itself, however, is much more intense than it sounds, with plenty of destruction, bullets flying, and a rail-shooting sequence.

The game comes out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 23.

For more, take a look at Bertz's previous preview.

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  • Am i the only one excited for this game?
  • Bananas.
  • I feel that EA should let this be their 'Call of Duty' killer. (not saying it will be), and just let Battlefield be the real all-out war game it is meant to be. No more trying to group those two games together (Battlefield v. CoD); they do not belong in the EXACT same category. I play both, and like both for completely different reasons. CoD is what I play when I want a quick match, and just want to have some crazy fun. When I have several friends online we all play BF because it requires a certain level of real teamwork that is hard to find these days.
  • I liked the latest one's singleplayer, so I will probably pick this up. Looks vastly improved over the latest installment as well. Frosbite 2 FTW!
  • It looks exactly like Battlefield 3, but I can't really say that as a complaint. The Frostbite 2 engine continues to make me think I'm watching real-life O.o I'll end up renting it at release or something. The campaign will probably be better than BF3's
  • TBH, I thought the multiplayer was done remarkably well. I wasn't top notch at all, but it did feel like the fun factor was more involved than *other* popular FPS.
  • ohhhh just great! just great! another shooter game that brings a pointless story about individuals killing one another under a globalist government. and it's so funny how they make it look cool when in real life it is no where near cool, in fact, you have a higher probability getting shot in the leg at war than getting this game. FTW thx!!!!
  • The gameplay is looking solid and the graphics look great. I'm glad I pre-ordered it already. Hopefully, new copies will come with beta access to Bad Company 3, just like the 2010 game came with access to Battlefield 3.
  • Not a single thing shown in this video looks like something I'd like to do or experience... again.
  • Nothing but repeats on this channel.

  • You would think with all this bin Laden hype people would have figured out SEAL is not equal to DEVGRU. DEVGRU is equal to SFOD-D and normal SEALs are equal to Army SF. I know this isn't a huge thing but having military ties it bugs me when video game companies (who supposedly did the research) keep reinforcing misinformation.
  • i think i just saw captain price...
  • Remember some people saying the teasers was cgi instead of IG and telling those people that it was IG and they needed to play BF3 on the PC at Ultra. I bet this is PC footage as well. EA showed PC footage nearly the whole time for BF3 at the start. btw, all the haters, building a PC just got cheaper with the lastest nvidia cards. Their low power draw means you can use a lower wattage psu, which costs less. In any event, I hope this sets a new standard for graphjics, both in other game and in the mind of gamers.
  • On the fence  with this one,but looks better,lets hope it comes through.

  • On the fence  with this one,but looks better,lets hope it comes through.

  • -_-

  • How could anything related to YET ANOTHER modern war FPS be "exciting"? Its not like the gaming community has not done everything in this game at least a dozen times before!
  • Ok everyone, let's agree on this: what was new about this trailer? Come on AAA FPS game devs, you guys have a whole bunch of ideas and your just sitting on your butts waiting for the next console gen to implement them. Just get the balls to steal the cake now and earn more fans before the next-gen release.
  • This franchise is so disconnected from its roots it makes me sad.
  • I can't really get excited for this. The first one really didn't hold my attention for long.

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