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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Emerges From The Shadows

Announced by OXM two weeks ago, Electronic Arts introduced the latest Medal of Honor to the rest of the game industry at a special event during the Game Developer's Conference tonight.

When conceptualizing the sequel to the 2010 reboot of the popular Medal of Honor series, executive producer Greg Goodrich stumbled on a secret weapon. Why dream up imaginary military campaign when you can consult directly with Tier 1 operators who lived through it? When two former special forces soldiers offered a manuscript of their "vent book" -- a collection of musings about their fellow soldiers, the missions they participated in across the globe, and the strategies they would employ to fight terrorism if they could remove all the bureaucracy hindering their work -- Goodrich jumped at the chance to use it as the basis for Warfighter.

The vent book served as a starting point for the game. From there, Danger Close extracted intelligence from their missions and synthesized the events into the lives of Preacher, Mother, and Voodoo -- the characters introduced in the last game. The result is a game that puts its fictitious characters into recreations of real-world events pulled right out of the headlines, like the confrontation with Somali pirates and hostage recovery missions in the Philippines.

In the demo that we saw, the trio teams up with an elite Philippine military unit to free some civilians the extremist Islamic group Abu Sayyaf took hostage when storming the capital building in Isabela City, one of the poorest cities in the country. Making matters worse, they must perform the mission in the middle of a typhoon. As the group approaches the building, it's clear the storm has taken its toll. The outside windows are shattered and water is pouring into the building, flooding the lower floors in the process.

After breaching through the front door, the team systematically neutralizes threats while moving into the upper levels. When the bullets are flying, the power of the Frostbite 2 engine is in full effect. Facades aren't being ripped down due to explosions like in Battlefield, but the stray bullets chew up the interior of the building and grenade explosions send chandeliers spinning out of control. Danger Close says players can expect to see a lot of this style of micro destruction throughout the game.

Once the team hits a choke point, the player flanks the enemies by going through another set of rooms and inevitably takes out the unassuming baddies. When the Tier 1 team approaches the final door, an option to breach it appears and the sterotypical slow motion clearance of all the enemies on the other side of the door ensues.

With the hostages secured, the team begins the extraction sequence, which involves hopping on board a boat and manning the turret while the driver speeds through the flooded streets and falling trees. All the while, the player takes out enemies positioned on rooftops and billboards -- your standard first-person shooter fare. Once the city is cleared, they attach the boats to chinooks and fly into the sunset.

Rather than handing off the multiplayer to DICE like it did last time, Danger Close is handling the duties this time around. As Goodrich pointed out during his presentation, most kids who grow up in Poland don't dream of being U.S. Navy SEALs, so in an effort to internationalize the brand EA is taking a page out of the Rainbow Six playbook and integrating 11 other Tier 1 units like the British SAS, Australian SASR, and Polish GROM into the experience. For the multiplayer, rather than having one team take the roll of real-world rivals like the Taliban (a circumstance that got Medal of Honor into a lot of trouble last time), Warfighter pits the best spec ops groups in the world against one another in fictitious "blue vs. blue" battles. Goodrich cited the FIFA series as an example of a competitive online game that gives players a sense of national pride, and Danger Close wants to bring a similar feeling to Medal of Honor.

We couldn't extract any more information out of Danger Close regarding the multiplayer, but since Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled to ship on October 23 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, we expect to hear more about it soon. If you want a glimpse of the game, check out the debut trailer.

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  • It seems like just yesterday all the kids were whinning about BF v COD, and now we are already hyping up next years installments. Oh well.
  • The last one was weaksauce, but I like that they still keep real life history as the basis here, but also manage to offer a nice new set piece with the whole fighting in a flooding building during a typhoon thing.

    I also like the idea of the multiplayer and national pride, which means nobody will be whining about the enemy factions here, though at the same time it would feel weird seeing the SAS fight SEALS. Hopefully with all those factions they take the time to put in plenty of weapons and attachments from each side instead of the few guns we had to use last time.

  • This game looks so great! Can't wait.
  • The game looks good, but that's to be expected since it runs on the Frostbite 2 engine. Wonder how the multi-player is going to work this time around? And I'm hoping that it'll be a better campaign as well and not a 6 hour waster. A man can dream.
  • Small typo, it's Polish Grom not Drom.

    I liked everything i read except the turret part.

  • I actually like the idea of pitting Tier 1 teams against each other in multiplayer, and fostering national pride and relatability amongst foreign players. I'm actually shocked no one else has done that before, especially EA, who has plenty of experience from sports game to look at to see how successful that is. That being said, it's still just a military shooter. Which means, at best, it's worse than every other creative shooter on the market. Do you want to fire the same SCARS and drive the same jeeps around, and kill the same, various, non-white people? Or do you wanna hop in a Starhawk and fire lasers at aliens? I know there are a lot of idiots out there who would choose option A nowadays. And that,..that just makes me sad...
  • I liked, and enjoyed how they tried to keep the missions and stories based on real events. 2010's Medal of Honor did an okay job in giving different points of view to a gamer. However, and for the love of god i do hope that they work in their controls, and the feel of them. Now that they're using the frostbite 2 engine i know the game will look alot better indeed, but for our sake i hope they have better controls.

    I really do hate the snap-to feeling even if i flick the aim stick just a little bit. Even having the feel that battlefield 3 has would be an improvement.

  • I'm quite excited for this. I thought MoH (2010) was great, though the multiplayer lacked a substantial bit. Being wholly developed in house this time around though, i feel Danger Close can produce their very own outstanding MP.

  • The 2010 MoH reboot was quite crappy. I'm surprised they're churning out another one.
  • Im glad to hear about the multiplayer. Like the idea of skirmishes with other Tier 1 units. It will be like Football. With Guns.

  • well the last medal of honor was poopy but having actual missions being the story sounds very smart and might actually pick this over call of duty.
  • I'm not sure about this. It seems that the narrative is going to be iffy since it'll be jumping around all these locations. That combines with the fact Assassins Creed II ships three days before makes this game not sound good already. I am hoping to be surprised, the last one was lackluster, the graphic weren't good and the multiplayer, for me, was nearly unplayable. Maybe this one will be the FPS that's needed.

  • Frostbite 2 works
  • All sounds good to me. I just hope the story doesn't get confusing. I wanna feel a bit of attachment as I did with the last one.

  • I think this game could definitely be close to a 'COD killer'. But then again, Black Ops 2 is coming out weeks after this so it'll be close.
  • I like these concepts. very covert black-ops esque.

  • as long as the kinks were worked out with the last game I'm in. The frostbite 2 engine is incredible

  • I can't wait for this game.

  • looks like a battlefield 3.5 but im looking foward to it.
  • I hated the first one by the time I was done with it. The MP was AWFUL.

    But, I will keep an open mind. This one will be done with a new engine and all in one studio and the trailer looks good. Still waiting for the reviews though because the the last MoH had some good promo videos too. It also had terrible problems.

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