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MechWarrior Tactics

Learn More About The Game's Three Cs In New Trailer

MechWarrior Tactics is currently in closed beta, but there's a way to get your hands on it early. Infinite Game Publishing has released more information about the browser-based game, including a new trailer and details on how to get in on the beta.

If you want to join the beta and start blasting mechs apart with your Lancers, simply visit the game's site and join the founder's program. It'll cost you $20, $50, or $120, depending on the tier you're interested in. Each tier grants you exclusive items, including decals, skins, scrap, and chassis. Some of the items won't be accessible until the game enters its open-beta phase later this year. 

For those of you who haven't been following coverage on the game's development, the video below does a good job of explaining just what MechWarrior Tactics is. The clip shows off lots of in-game footage while breaking down the three pillars that the game stands on: collecting, customization, and conquering. 

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  • I haven't even heard the name "Mechwarrior" since my old PC days!
  • Mech-Warrior Tactics is for FANS OF THE TABLETOP STRATEGY. It is not a fast paced game, do NOT compare it to other turn-based games like civilization, fire emblem, advanced wars etc. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If you want something fast-paced, try out MechWarrior Online. If you've got a table-top addiction this game is for you. If you're curious, spring for the $20 package or wait until an open beta is announced.
  • I reccently jumped in and found thee gameplay unique and f

  • Cool. Can't wait. I'll dominate in the pilot seat and the commanders chair.

  • I didn't recognize a single Battlemech in that video. Yay?
  • I've never played any of these PC games and they look fun but I just have one question. Do we console gamers ever get a Mechassault 3? Like, is that going to happen?
  • There's not going to be a free to play option?