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MechWarrior Tactics

Mechs Explode In New Teaser Trailer

This teaser trailer gives players an idea of what to expect from the free-to-play action of MechWarrior Tactics.

MechWarrior Tactics is a free-to-play, hex-based strategy title from Roadhouse Interactive and Acronym Games, which places an emphasis mech customization and creating cinematic battles out of the players' actions. The turn-based battles are asynchronous, which seems kind of strange for a browser-based game, but the 3D environments look good, all things considered. Another interesting feature of MechWarrior Tactics is that after a battle is over, the game will provide a compilation video of all the action sequences from the match, which players can watch or share with other users. Here's the teaser video.

Register for the game now at the official MechWarrior Tactics website.

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  • That was shorter than i expected......

  • Strategy? There's a genre you don't hear much about.

  • Ugh. I miss the old version of Mechwarrior.
  • Transformers. Kewl.
  • You bastards! Give us back REAL MechWarrior, not this F2P gimmick crap. What are you a wealthy African prince trying to bilk the elderly out of their retirement money?

    Seriously when are people going to see through this crap- and how does the term 'F2P' not set off Better Business Bureau alarms? What part of making 'Free to play' mean 'pay for our useless crap' isn't false advertising?

    *also the 'give us back' line should be read in your head as Mel Gibson in Ransom*
  • Cant wait to check this out!

  • Game looks cool, hope it has an interesting story.

  • Mod

    pew pew bam bam

  • This is what everyone is so hype about...?

    Reign of Thunder is something to talk about, not this S&#$T.

  • Hrmm..I'll give it a shot. mechs!

  • Well this looks bad. Hopefully MWO will be decent. And if all else fails, Hawken baby!

  • The firepower looks way too cartoony and rediculous. I miss the old style that looked gritty.

  • Is this going to be a 3025 era game? If so I am in.

  • This must be some sort of videogame version of the tabletop game.  It should be fun as long as there is plenty of deep strategy.

  • I've tried playing Megamek, and maaaaan. It was way too complicated for me. I hope this is more user friendly.
    Also, keep in mind, this is totally different from the other F2P mechwarrior game. That one is more like the old mechwarrior action games, this is meant to emulate the tabletop wargame.
  • A hex-based Mechwarrior strategy game, I like it! I wish the trailer was longer though.

  • psh

  • Might want....?

  • Can't we have a normal mechwarrior game like the good old days