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Max Payne 3

More On Max Payne 3's Multiplayer

It's always interesting when a franchise known for its single-player tries its hand at multiplayer, and this latest video for Max Payne 3 explains more about this aspect of the game.

The video below talks about the story-based Gang Wars multiplayer mode where events from the single-player story are jumping off points for multiplayer events that branch in different directions depending on which gang wins a particular round. You can also find out about Vendettas, Bursts, and Crews.

For the first part of this two-part multiplayer series, click here.

Max Payne 3 is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 on May 15, and PC on May 29.

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  • another

  • Hopefully I can finish up on the Wither 2 before this comes out. Definitely a day one buy for me!
  • Really looking forward to this. It'll be my first Max Payne and it sounds like Rockstar is pulling out all the stops for it. Multiplayer looks especially enticing.
  • meh.
  • Max PAYNE* Sorry guys. Posted on my phone.

  • Goodness gracious the fluidity of player movement is astounding. You can clearly see the groundwork laid by Red Dead Redemption, the player physics with Euphoria, only now with substantial evolution in the collision detection and a much deeper library of animations. Beautiful.

    Oh, and just a heads up, we'll be hosting a community FragFest on launch weekend (likely Sunday, 5/20) for Max Payne 3. Details forthcoming in FragFest group forum post and blog.
  • Looks kind of lame
  • The mini-map looks eerily familiar.

  • looks really good... too bad i'm HORRIBLE at FPS
  • MAX PAYNE!! Y U NO USE BERETTA ANYMORE?!?! (fans of the series will understand this)
  • These videos remind me of Red Dead Redemption
  • FIRST!!! buy for me

  • SO hyped :)

  • Looks good, I hope the aiming feels precise.

  • Hoping this is as good as it looks

  • Man... the more I see the harder the wait is.

  • how does bullet-time work in multiplayer? they cant slow down everybody's screen as soon as someone does it?
  • how does bullet-time work in multiplayer? they cant slow down everybody's screen as soon as someone does it?

  • I am for sure going too get this. I'm looking to add some people too play this, add me if intrigued.

  • looking amazing rockstar

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