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Max Payne 3

Check Out Max Payne 3's Multiplayer In New Trailer

Rockstar is keeping the Max Payne 3 love flowing. Today, the company has released a new trailer that shows the game's innovative and intense multiplayer action.

Max Payne 3 seeks to bring the series signature Bullet Time slow-motion mechanics to multiplayer, which you can see in the video. You'll also get a glimpse of two of the game's multiplayer modes: Gang Wars and Payne Killer.

Rockstar has previously announced that the game will feature Crews, which are online clans that will be carried forward to other Rockstar games, including Grand Theft Auto V.

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  • I might actually have to get in on this. I was wondering how they were going implement Bullet Time. It looks great. =D

  • So was I. It's an interesting solution and we'll soon find out if it works properly. Can't wait for this game.

  • Shut up and take my money!!!
  • Woah... Ive been waiting for a game to do Bullet-Time in multiplayer right. Looks like Rockstar might be able to do it.
  • This looks pretty good. I like how none of the character models look down the barrel of their gun. One guy was running and shooting a machine gun above his hip. Must mean they're bad asses.

  • i fell asleep during this
  • Cool!

  • When it started I thought it was Uncharted. Lol

  • How can anyone not love R* games?? They finnaly figured out a way to put bullet time in multiplayer! thats pure genius if you ask me, this looks like a unique experience which i can't wait to play.

  • Pretty cool, still unsure whether I'm gonna pick this up. On the one hand it's a Rockstar game and looks pretty dang awesome, on the other I've never played the previous games...I'm guessing the Rockstar argument will make me buy it though -_-

  • this game is gonna be dope

  • How do you "solve the dilemma of bullet time" by having only players in line of sight slowed? Snipers will just be laughing in their scope at the easy floating target....
  • Im thinking about picking up max payne 1 & 2, in honor of MP3 being released. My only question is should i get them on xbox or ps3?
  • I just think the whole importing "Crews" to GTA V is just a cheap way for them to sucker a few more people to buy this game. Make a great game and let it stand on its own. It is R* so the game will be polished...but every time I see something about this game it screams at me....not worth $60.
  • how is Bullet Time gonna work against us snipers that stay far away, but have a good eye. I see an advantage right there

  • Looks fun. Reminds me a lot of Uncharted's multiplayer and there is nothing wrong with that

  • Here's Rockstar, making me throw money at the screen again.

  • this game looks freakin AWSOME...kind of reminds me of a way better, upgraded BRINK

  • I easily forsee bullet time destroying this game. No strategy, just enter bullet time before your opponent does for the easy kill...
  • AWESOME. But how the slo-mo gonna work? the whole game gonna slow down for everyone?
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