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Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 Video Is Full Of Duel SMG Fury

If you’re the kind of player who feels an itch on both trigger fingers, then you’ll love Rockstar’s new Max Payne 3 video, which demonstrates the SMGs that Max Payne will have at his disposal.

You can dual-wield the lighter submachine guns, while the heftier models pack a little more kick. Check out Rockstar’s site for more info on these guns and to play around with 3D renders for each weapon.

Interested in reading more about Max Payne 3? Check out the latest trailer that shows of the game's unique visual effects and cinematics. 

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  • Ya man start shooting the right Light Submachine gun, run out of bullets? no problem start shooting with the left one... its a win win situation.
  • I love to duel with my duals. :D

  • Am I the only one that thinks those weapon reloads are incredible?! It really makes me mad when clips only come out of guns from a first person perspective(I'm LOOKING AT YOU CoD) and not view-able by an ally or enemy from a spectator's position. (What that means is that in a game like CoD, when you look at another player reload the weapon, it is the same generic reload animation and not the specific animation that the gun has from a FP perspective)
  • Can't wait for Max Payne 3. Why you have to make me wish i had it more, rockstar?

  • Does Max Payne looks like Zach Galifianakis? anyone agree?
  • Am i the only one that thinks the plot of this is similar to 'Man On Fire?'
  • I love Max Payne's new look.

  • This game looks better and better every time I see it!

  • Theyre promotin a game by showing us the different guns you can posess in a game? That's so bad lol. I had this on hold, but took it off and switched it with Darksiders. I'll wait for reviews and the price drop.
  • I hope the weapons feel distinctive. I know these are just the SMG's but in a lot of games a gun's a gun and what you're using makes little difference.

  • Max Payne 3, where have you been all my life :D?

  • *dual
  • Mod

    Looks sweet, definitely going to check it out. Check out my new blog titled "Memory".

  • Mod

    Looks sweet, definitely going to check it out. Check out my new blog titled "Memory".

  • So pumped for this game. Love Rockstar.

  • Looks cool

  • I pre ordered the special edition for PC today. If only I didn't have to wait two more weeks, but darn my PC gaming friends being the only group getting it.

  • Ahh, I love dual-wielding in games. I get the feeling Max Payne 3 will make it immensely satisfying.

  • Nice ttrailer.

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