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Max Payne 3

New Max Payne 3 Trailer Shows Off Visual Effects And Cinematics

Get a look at how Rockstar is creating stylish cutscenes in its upcoming Max Payne 3.

The latest video in Rockstar's Design and Technology series for Max Payne 3 shows how the game combines graphic novel panels and the realtime game engine for a unique take on cutscenes. The narration claims that cutscenes and gameplay blend seamlessly and that there is no visible loading in the game.

Take a look at the trailer for yourself to see what's up.

  • looks sweet

  • Where's Mark wahlberg?
  • Dude...can it get any better?

    this game has greatness thrust upon it!!!!

  • so excited...

  • Whoaaaa man, psycadelia!

  • This is looking really good. Can't wait.

  • Wow this is awesome! I really wish I had the money to buy this but I'm completely broke.  :(

  • So, I guess the strategy for this video is "Let's take the Uncharted formula and make it sound innovative and new". Not that the fact they are using that approach is bad, every step ahead in videogame serves as inspiration and production of better quality products in the future. I just dont like that they present it as if they were pioneering this.
  • Every time I see this game I look forward to it more and more.

  • wow, that actually looks so cool. I love the cinematography and the bullet time

  • Can't Wait. I loved the old games and hope this one is great too.

  • so they're trying to match up to uncharted 1, 2, and 3? there's no loading from chapter to chapter and it goes seamless from cutscene to game play.

  • This looks amazing!

  • Max Payne 3 is looking good!

  • Wow, looks utterly amazing.  Can't wait!

  • It looks pretty cool but I think I'll be skipping over this one.

  • Looks cool and I'd like to play it, but I just have too many games in my backlog to buy another in May.  Maybe in the fall/holiday season.

  • This and D3 on ths same May much less (compared to a holiday month).  Lucky for us.

  • Good lord... now this looks like some true innovation. It looks like Rockstar has finally out-done itself.

  • Rockstar is always killing it with there games... this it going to be a good one.

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