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Max Payne 3

See What Makes Max Payne Tick In New Video Series

Rockstar is giving players a good reason to finish this season's games before March. That's when the latest installment of the noir shooter Max Payne arrives. If haven't been following the franchise, this new video from Rockstar will show you why people are excited about Max Payne 3.

The video, the first in a planned series focusing on the game's design and technology, highlights just some of the impressive tech that's going into Max Payne 3. It covers subjects such as targeting and shooting, movement and animation, bullet time, and AI. It's all shown with in-game footage, so there's plenty to absorb even if you're an expert in these areas.

For more info on the game, check out our extended preview.

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  • *** Yea!

  • Well, noir in Brasil just doesn't work.
  • Can't wait for this, Max Payne and Mass Effect are gonna be so Beast!
  • Oh EUPHORIA engine... Why hasn't EA used you yet for Madden? I would actually buy a copy that year!

    I want game this YESTERDAY!
  • Euphoria FTW

    More devs should take advantage of it.

  • So excited for the return of Max Payne. This video showcased some impressive gameplaye. Can't wait.

  • I've been waiting years for this game, ever since I finished Max Payne 2, ever since I saw the cover story. I can't wait any longer!
  • These kinds of videos, in depth explanation of technology and design... these are what I absolutely adore. The Max Payne franchise has always been one of my favorites at any rate (cheers to Remedy by the way - Alan Wake was a great experience for all the similarities I felt to Max Payne) and I have faith that Rockstar can bring it into the future. Euphoria is such an awesome and under-appreciated tool... that will help.
  • The Narrator makes this video feel...weird. It's not as awesome as Max Payne should feel.
  • This game looks AMAZING! I think this just became my most anticipated game of 2012.

  • so glad they stuck with the Red Dead Remdemption head shots......this game is going to be amazing

  • Look's Amazing! cant wait.

  • I'm excited for this one.  I hope it really delivers like they say it should.

  • Mass Effect 2 and Max Payne 3 in March! I really hope that End of the World won't be before at least June next year!

  • SWEET!

  • Wow. That completely blew away all of my expectations; I didn't know how well Rockstar could handle a straight-up shooter or how they could make it stand out among the crowd, but they clearly know exactly what they're doing. They can now consider their sales increased by one.
  • Now people really realize how badly the movie was a screw up.

  • Well of course it's awesome, It's R* games for *** sake :)

  • Try harder to be call of duty haha
  • This looks cool(I just hope they use the F word sparingly)
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