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Max Payne 3

New Max Payne 3 Screenshots

Dirty cops, assassins with hearts of gold, international drug-running empires, and above all: revenge. Max Payne 3 is all about shooting dudes who deserve what they have coming to them. Usually in slow motion. More than possibly while diving. Definitely while grimacing. Check out the goods in four new screenshots directly from Rockstar.

Rockstar didn't send along any new info with the screens, but you can get more than you bargained for in Matt's excellent writeup from last month.

Max Payne 3 comes out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in March of next year.

  • I'm really excited for this, hope there won't be another delay......probably will be
  • For a second I thought Max was dunking a basketball through an explosion in that pic where he's hanging from the hook and shooting. I'm pretty psyched for this game, Rockstar can do no wrong in my eyes. Preorder is paid in full.

  • The guy on the bottom right of the new screens looks like Dr. House :D
  • I love how there is about 20 awesome games scheduled for next year :)
  • Lots of games to look forward to in the upcoming months  

  • i like max payne. i like rockstar. guess that automatically means i like this game..... ITS SETTLED THEN!

  • 1st new game purchase of twenty twelve!

  • Is it wrong for me to be more excited for GTA V news than Max Payne 3 news?
  • Yes! Looks very nice!

  • Lol, missed a spot on the index finger on that close-up of the handgun screen. Also, what's going on in the bottom left of that shot... is that supposed to be a plastic jug or something? The 5 sided, stone-smear-textured thing... *shakes his head* I mentioned it with every screenshot batch before that every Max Payne 3 shot they've put out has something to critique... and I'm not talking nit-pick, they're just not ready for exhibition for goodness sake.
  • Max Payne was cool back in the day.. he now looks way too much like a bald Sam Fischer. I want more Red Dead, dang it.
  • So excited for this and the GTA V trailer tomorrow. I <3 R*

  • Mod

    Yay bullet time!

  • I cant wait for this came and my big brother wont either

  • they should release an HD remake of the first 2, I never played them

  • hope they release max payne 3 before GTA V

  • The Max Payne series carried me through my teen years! I'm stoked to revisit it again with this new installment.

    Expecting BIG BIG things. (and lots of bullets)

  • This game lives?

  • I still need to play through Max Payne 1 and 2 before I even think of buying this, it does look good though :)