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Max Payne 3

At Long Last, Another Look At Max Back In Action

Max is back. It feels good to type those words, especially in light of how long Rockstar went dark on Max Payne 3 following our cover story. The dormant period even caused some to speculate that the game was destined for development hell. Fear not, readers – Max Payne 3 is real, and I’ve seen it being played thanks to a recent Rockstar demo session. Not only is it real, it’s shaping up to be one of my most anticipated titles of next year.

First, a quick summary of Max Payne 3’s premise: A number of years have elapsed since the end of Max Payne 2, and time has not been kind to Max. He’s long since left the NYPD and fallen into a haze of drugs and drink in his apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. Opportunity knocks in the form of Raul Passos, an old acquaintance from the police force, who offers Max a job in private security in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At first, Max cynically declines. As always, the dialogue is gripping, hard-boiled, and frequently profane – a perfect fit for voice actor James McCaffrey, who reprises his role of Max and did a majority of the motion capturing for the character.

However, the job suddenly becomes a bit more appealing. Outside, a crew of mobsters pulls up headed by Anthony DeMarco, who wants revenge for Max killing his son. The building is under siege, and Max and Raul quickly make a run for it, clearing out hallways of attackers in sequences similar to the action we enjoyed in the first two games. For a second it looks like Max is going to meet a premature end, but a strange homeless man saves his life for no apparent reason and engages our antihero in a small, almost surreal moment of conversation.

After this odd respite, Max is back on the attack, using corner cover and bullet time theatrics to navigate the building’s corridors up to the roof. After another furious firefight, I see one of the subtle new features – a slow motion, controllable bullet’s-eye view of the last kill in an area. After taking a moment to show off the skyline of New York and New Jersey, Rockstar skips ahead to a level in Sao Paulo later in the game. This was strictly for the purposes of the demo, as Rockstar claims the finished game will have no loading screens.

  • Awesome. Can't wait for this game. Rockstar can do no wrong. Unless you work for them, apparently.
  • Sounds enticing.  Never played the first two, but this sounds to be shaping up well.

  • This sounds great. A small correction: the "subtle new feature" you mentioned isn't new. The first Max Payne did that, sans the controllable camera. so it's an upgraded feature.
  • I'm still shocked that this game still exists. Maybe we can get a Bully 2 after this is done.

  • Awesome, I loved the first Max Payne, although I could never down that helicopter near the end.  Never had the chance to play the second, but I am really looking forward to this game coming out.

  • Never got to play the first two, but hot *** does this look great

  • Looks pretty good, loved the first two games.

  • He doesn't look like Johnny Knoxville anymore

  • Big fan of this series when I was younger, so glad they're bringing it back. It's been too long since the third-person shooter turned into "let's try to be Gears of War" and now we finally get an explosive action packed Max Payne sequel that's shooting is more important than its cover mechanic. Excited to say the least.
  • he looks like Kane from kane & lynch with a mix of Sam Fisher
  • This is going to be a good if not great game.

  • i clicked on this page with the quickness thinking that there was a video... (moan). awesome pics though.
  • Dang, I was hoping Marky Mark would reprise his role as Max in this one... sigh... Maybe Max Payne 4?

  • Man I've been hyped ever since the cover story, its good to see its finally back on track to release, even if it has been 2 years since that story.

  • Sounds awesome!!  I was in love with the first two Max Payne's and can't wait till this one comes out.

  • Destructible environments in a third person shooter? AWESOME!!! (I`m still holding out for the rumored third person shooter running on Frost Bite 2 though)

  • Oh man, I am SO happy!  Happy he still does some gun-dives!  And, he looks better as a bald man than Sam Fisher (Double Agent era).  I'll wait for you, Max!

  • Mod
    Now THIS sounds worth waiting for! It's time we had a good hard-boiled, bullet time inspired story in the Max Payne tradition.
  • Oh God. So excited. Such a huge Payne fan. Such a huge Noir fan. Can't wait. No load screens? Hell yea. Multiplayer...... oh god. PLEASE make it workd. This is still linear, right? Not sure How I would feel if they made it open world.

  • (Please dont eff this up)

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