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Max Payne 3

Max Has Hair In Ten New Screenshots

Rockstar's tortured detective is returning to gaming soon, and these gorgeous new screens released by Rockstar illustrate how Max is getting along in Sao Paulo these days.

We don't have any new info or a release date to share, but a couple of the shots show a cleaner-shaven Max wearing his customary suit rather than the bald-headed, bearded fellow we've seen in all of the Max Payne 3 assets released so far. Could this point to the presence of flashback sequences, or perhaps to Max returning to his previous life in the course of the narrative?

For lots more, read our the entirety of our Max Payne 3 cover story online.

  • Max Payne has been a favorite of mine. When ever Rockstar has some free time, they should make a Hitman game.
  • I don't know why, but every time I see Max Payne, I think of the Punisher.
  • I can't wait to see some gameplay videos.

  • sweet screens

  • He kinda looks like Charlie Sheen.. possibly with some Tiger Blood though.
  • sweet screens

  • He kinda looks like Charlie Sheen.. possibly with some Tiger Blood though.

  • Glad to see there will be some flashback sequences... that's one thing I've been concerned about most, making sure this picks up right from the second title.

  • Max Payne is gonna have to call some warlocks down from space with some tiger blood so he can get a new, not Charlie Sheen make over.

  • This game looks so sick! Can't wait to get my hands on this.

  • He looks like the guy from wolfenstein in one of the pics

  • with all of the screens that they have relaesed i think that they will show this at E3 this year cant wait

  • Mod

    I love the Max Payne games and I can't wait to try this. It's gonna be good.

  • Hopefully E3 they will announce wither if it's coming out any time soon or not...

  • I found an old Game Informer magazine where Max Payne 3 was the cover story.  I've never played a Max Payne game before but hopefully this will come out so people who love the series can finally play this thing.

  • I gotta say, he looks rough lol.
  • The first one was the ***, never got a chance to finish the second one. I can't help but wonder if the third one will rock.

  • I don't really like Max Payne's new look. He reminds me more of Sam Fisher than himself.

  • Hopefully this game comes out this year sometime, fingers crossed

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