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Mass Effect 3

New Mass Effect 3 Videos & Screens Show Off Pre-Order Content

Mass Effect 3 is exactly two months away. Since I know many of you are jumping for excitement for this release, I'm going to do my part to bring you as much information as I can (actually, my sinister intention is to make the wait seem much longer than it really is). Today's update brings new videos and screenshots of the pre-order items. You can read about them here, or watch the videos below to see if these weapons and armors suit your Shepard.

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  • The second video was kind of redundant considering the entirety of the video was in the first.
  • That defender armor is huge, it reminds me of the suit the gears of war guys use. I wonder how a female character would look like wearing it... Samus?
  • No Gamestop disclaimer? We all know that pre-order bonuses are completely bullsh*t anyways.
  • I'm not much for burst-fire rifles, always feel like I'm in less control of the darn things in games. Prefer to work on my trigger discipline myself than have the gun do it for me. Outside of that, the armor looks cool, and the other rifle, the Valkyrie, looks pretty wicked, like a newer sleeker Mattock.
  • These preorder bonuses haven't changed my mind on ME3, still won't be getting it, at least new if ever.
  • As much as I want to "jump for exitement", I'm very sick right now and could throw up at any moment.
  • Too bad they didn't really show off any of the collectors (unintentional) items. There isn't much reason to buy the collectors edition to begin with - even though I'll end up buying it anyways...

    One would think they'd have a large collectors edition since it's supposedly the last core Mass Effect game.
  • I just want the guns.

  • While, I'm certainly putting in the money ahead of time, a few extra pieces of gear is a nice touch on a game I was going to pre-order anyway. I wonder if Bioware has any day one DLC planned or if they're just letting the core experience into our hands for a month or two.

  • My policy for pre-order bonuses these days is not to enter the codes, because either they make the game easier (and 90% of games are too easy) or they are rushed 'cos they are free. I was very happy to find out I could kill Zaeed though, I made sure to do that since I had entered the code before I started this rule.

  • The game just looks outstanding! I'm actually starting to get excited about what they have planned for multiplayer as well.
  • Preordered the CE in October.

  • Would this be an OK game to start on? Meaning this would be the first Mass Effect I have played in the series or should I start from the first game?
  • Play the first two man they both are amazing games and you will get the whole story leading into the final chapter.

  • I can not wait for this game. I pre-ordered it back in Dec. I just hope the new armor/weapons aren't too powerful though. The "Annihilator" armor (I think thats the name) from pre-ordering ME2 was better then anything you find later in the game, which was kinda disappointing. It's no fun to start with the best stuff, I want to progress to it.

  • The game is looking great. My excitement for this game grows more and more with every new trailer video or screenshot they release.
  • Preorder with Collector's edition... I will be a WMD! Bring it on!

  • holy Jesus that helmet looks ugly on the suit of armor.

  • Cant wait

  • This is amazing. Still counting down the days...

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