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Mario Party 9

Watch Mario Party 9 In Action

As Joe, Matt, and Adam made explicitly clear during the classic Mario Party 3 episode of Replay, Nintendo's happy-go-lucky collection of minigames isn't for everyone. But if you're into that sort of thing, Nintendo has released a new trailer to whet your palette for the next installment.

With the Wii U on the horizon, many of us expected Wii library to close shop after the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. But as this new trailer for the family friendly Mario Party 9 demonstrates, fans have one more reason to keep their Wii out of the dustbin of history.

For those eagerly awaiting their next visit to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Party 9 releases on Nintendo Wii March 11.

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  • Mod
    well if I can get 80 games for the price of 1 why not?
  • looks like a good creative step up from the previous installments

  • I love the cover. Not very impressed with covers lately, although the gears of war and uncharted covers were good.

  • Mod
    Drat, I was hoping this would be a video if you guys playing and giving commentary. Oh well.
  • Reiner and Phil play Mario Party 9.
  • Cant wait for the Replay episode of this game!!

  • I wish the minigames were throwbacks to the series rather random crap. For example, make a minigame where you have to race to the end of a level from Mario Bros. 3 including new sprites for new characters. Then it might be tolerable.
  • that bullet bill riding segment at 0:41 looked awesome but you probably have to use motion controls :(

  • You sure about that last statement, Bertz?
  • Not really a new gameplay trailer but still a game I'd enjoy with friends and family.

  • Wow. This actually looks worth buying; It kind of looks like Mario Party 3 (which I thoroughly enjoyed, and still do.) If there's at least one boss battle for every stage, I'm in.

  • I'm liking what I see, looks like a big improvement from other installments. Plus, I want to squeeze as much as I can out of my Wii before it becomes obsolete!

  • looks like tremendous fun. can't wait to bust this game out when my older brother comes to visit so it'll be like the good ol days playing Mario Party 3 on N64

  • isnt that the same music from fortune street

  • Maybe I'm not up to date on Mario Party lore but why were the players riving a vehicle across the board?
  • This looks much better than previous releases.  My wife loves the first game and we play it occasionally.  If I can tolerate that, then I can tolerate this.

  • That looked fun.  Were boss battles added in the 8th one?  Last Mario party game I played was 7

  • Something about that one course looks a lot like Animal Crossing to me

  • Oh, Dan. How I feel the upmost of pity for thee.
  • I guess Skyward Sword wasn't the Wii's farewell after all, eh?
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