"Spending just a measly hour with this miserable, cancer-of-the-brain-inducing game is like going naked hot-tubbing with Rush Limbaugh as your parents cheer and snap photos. I didn't think it was humanly possible for this series to get any worse than it was, but this entry wailed on my unmentionables until they were well past black and blue." - Andrew Reiner, Game Informer issue #128.

If the above quote doesn't spell it out for you clearly enough, Mario Party has a long history of being the most despised series at Game Informer. Hell, Nintendo even sent us a sarcastic plaque commemorating our sheer hatred. I knew it would be a rough experiment, but I rounded up Adam, Matt, and Joe to play through an entire round with me. I also completely forgot how long these rounds are, resulting in our longest Replay ever and the eternal hatred of my co-workers. Check out our misery below.

NOTE: This Replay is crazy long, and it takes an appropriately long time to load. Hit the play button, and if it doesn't start just give it a few minutes. It may take up to 4 or 5 minutes, as it has to load the whole video before it starts.

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