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Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25's Next-Gen Gameplay Tease

Madden NFL 25 developer EA Tiburon is saying that its new next-gen Ignite engine will help the title feel differently than the current-gen edition, and this teaser trailer gives a few glimpses of the game in action.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson opens the clip talking about the importance of every step – a quality that will hopefully be recreated in the game, ensuring fidelity of weight transfer and the correct interaction between players.

EA says that it will have more on this concept and the title's gameplay next week.

Madden NFL 25 comes out for Xbox One on November 22 and PlayStation 4 on November 15.

Here's my review of the current-gen version, and you can take a look at the recent next-gen presentation trailer, here.

[Source: EA Sports via Operation Sports]

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  • next gen, are you kidding me!!!!!
  • i cant even tell this isnt current gen lol

  • Looks the exact same.
  • didn't see much footwork, all still looks the same

  • what's up with that screenshot? lol.
  • This promo was too short to be impressed by any of the footage. Hopefully it will play nice on the next gen consoles.
  • I need to see a hell of a lot more to believe they have actually improved Madden on next-gen. While I did enjoy Madden 25 a lot I need proof that they at least made improvement on next-gen and I'm not purchasing just because it's on a "Next-gen" platform.

  • where is the next gen trailer? *sarcasm* typical EA.....

  • Just look at how bad the first year of sports titles were on the 360. They were horrible with no features at all. Save your money.

  • can't wait to play this!

  • can't wait to play this!