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Madden NFL 25

New Video Shows Off Madden 25's Next-Gen Feature

EA has a brand-new next-generation sports game engine called Ignite, and this new trailer shows off some of the new graphical techniques that can be accomplished with Sony and Microsoft's new hardware.

In the video, the developers talk about some of the fine detail that can now be seen in the players, stadiums – all the way down to the individual blades of grass on the field. They also claim that the new, uncompressed animations will mean that players move more fluidly and naturally. Let's hope the next-gen versions are where EA Sports' development dollars have been going, because the current-gen Madden 25 was a bit disappointing

  • Still not impressed.
  • I would have to say that a "7.75/10" is hardly a score you give to a game that is "disappointing," merely imperfect. I'd think "disappointing" would qualify for a game to be rated, you know, closer to 50%.

    Also, I can't help but notice that they only mention graphical changes. The next gen is pointless unless gameplay itself is drastically improved, or at the very least, contains experimental new ideas. "Blades of grass on the field!" hardly speaks to me as some kind of notable improvement--especially given that the average gamer will notice it maybe once, if at all, then those blades of grass aren't going to matter anymore.
  • It looks pretty great. I bet next year's Madden will be pretty nice.
  • Oh man look at those faces that no one will ever look at while playing the game that still probably plays like a pile of garbage.

  • Current Gen is still strong enough to do a lot more then they may think. While next gen will look pretty good IMO I don't think it will be a big enough difference right out the bat that people may think it will. Then again what do I know?
  • All of that, and yet the players still float above the grass, and/or slide across it.  Nope. Not even once.

  • I'm still excited for it. I wish I loved first person shooters, honest I do. (Borderlands being an exception-love me some Borderlands)  There's just not a lot for me to be excited about at launch.  This is it.  There are a lot of games I'm foaming at the mouth for, for instance The Division, The Evil Within, The Witcher 3, The Dragon Age Inquisition, and I'm sure more.  They just aren't launch titles.  It's still worth it for me to get the ps4 at launch, because the goodies aren't that far away.  Plus lets be honest, everyone loves fancy new toys.  I'll even throw some props to xbone here, Ryse is my type of interesting, but I'm a Sony guy, which pays dividends in the RPG arena.  All this said, I know people will scoff that Madden is what is making me excited for next gen launch, but it is, and since it is I've got to keep my fingers crossed that it will be quality, with some neato bells and whistles.  

  • I like it but it seems the Ignite Engine works but for the next-gn console more than it would the PS3, Xbox-360, and/or Nintendo Wii.

  • I like it but it seems the Ignite Engine works but for the next-gn console more than it would the PS3, Xbox-360, and/or Nintendo Wii.

  • I think it looks a little better but I don't see any HUGE NOTICEABLE difference between the PS3 version which I play daily for the most part. I have a feeling the next-gen Madden 25 will be slightly better for graphics and that is it.. I want better gameplay and animations, I don't want my wide receiver looking like a stick figure magically drifting 2-3 yards towards the ball and catching it and then stuck there for a second and then do a circle to run forward.

  • It just looks like a more vibrant version of a madden game. I'm more impressed by the graphics in Bioshock Infinite than this. Also gamers aren't that hung up for graphics anymore, we've reached the pinnacle and its all starting to look the same.
  • I can't see any significant changes. The things they're talking about in the video are some of the lamest changes they could've made to their graphics. How about we talk about tessellation and crazy good ambient occlusion? Nope! Look at this grass! Ooh, that skin really looks like skin!

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