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Madden NFL 25

New Trailer Shows Off Defensive Improvements

Last year's introduction of Madden NFL's Infinity engine brought some much-needed improvements to the field. This year, the defensive side of the ball is getting a tune up to take advantage of the tech.

The new hit stick provides defensive players with more power, and added chance to cause a fumble if the ballcarrier is executing a special move. Players will also have access to something called Heat-Seeker Tackling, which acts as an assist without removing player control. Finally, player recovery from missed tackles and tweaks to dive tackles will come packed into Madden NFL 25. 

You can see these new features in action in the trailer below. We've also recently previewed the game in advance of its August 27, 2013, release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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  • since you assholes skipped wiiu im going to skip you too
  • why does this look like every other madden, maybe next gen, lol
  • Impressive, maybe there is hope yet.. I wish they would give 2K another shot.

  • EPIC!!! EPIC!!! EPIC!!!! This is awesome. Tackling was the biggest issue from the last game. I already have mine pre-ordered but I am evern more jacked now.

  • The hit sound effects were distracting to me. For some reason they sounded over the top and ridiculous. I guess it says work in progress up top though.

  • "The new hit stick provides defensive players with more power, and added chance to cause a fumble if the ballcarrier is executing a special move." This has been in every Madden since 2005! It is not new!
  • Well then. Improvements eh? Show me the money.

  • Every year I get hype for Madden, but then I play the demo. When I play the demo I'm still undecided if I want to purchase the game or not. When the game releases, I play it before I buy it. My final decision with Madden for the past 5 years has been not to buy it. Madden 13 is the worst Madden since Madden 2004. 2005 - 2012 has been better than that crap.
  • I stopped playing Madden after 05'....04-05 were my favorite. Vick was a beast...send all the recievers out and make a run for it lol

  • Am i the only that saw no difference between this and previous years?

  • Wow im still amazed by the constant hate on madden. Yes it would be nice if it was an every 2 year release, but that just won't happen there is just too much demand. And i am so tired of reading people complain about 2k not being able to make a football game. These are probably the same people who said "All Pro Football 2k8 pffft i can't buy that it doesn't have the real teams". APF 2k8 was a really damn good game; if more people supported it maybe we would have an alternative, but they didn't so we don't. Some people not only want their cake and eat it too, but they also want a steak, appetizers and beer for free.

    And while the changes aren't drastic from year to year, no one can tell me that the difference from madden 07 or 08 to madden 13 isn't completely noticeable. Its an overall different, better experience. Plus it's a sports game it can't change drastically otherwise your changing the sport
  • Every time I see a "madden has improved this year guys!!! Really,REALLY IT HAS" it amuses the hell out of me.Only thing that amuses me more is the comment section where a few misguided,or possibly new to gaming people actually believe it and try to defend it.Ahhhh.....
  • May God eternally curse you for not making this for PC anymore!!!

  • someone please help us get this NFL license to not be renewed after this madden. 2k5 was way better and also was on the ps2 at that. no more monopoly! This sucks. Another video released by madden that shows nothing new, not even that long, just hype. just like the game itself. other sports games have competition , time to bring it back to football!

  • I love how EA just adds the same stuff every year and throws a new name on it claiming it's new. Crongrats to the suckers that will spend 60 bucks on new rosters. EA is a joke.

  • Watched it a second time and all I can say is EPIC!!!!

  • Yes, we must "revamp" the hit stick. Forget about the fact that there are no practice squads in franchise mode, the horrible scouting mechanic or the nightmare that is in-game substitutions. Not to mention the tragedy of superstar mode, something that they manage to make worse every year. Let's "revamp" one of the most simple gameplay elements ever: flicking the right stick. Genius.