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How The New Tackling Mechanic Works In Madden 15

The defensive side of the ball has been at a disadvantage the past few years, and Madden 15 is trying to change this. Part of the overhaul process is improving the game's tackling, which the optional tackling cone hopes to do.

In Madden 25, it didn't feel like the tackling animations triggered properly. In an attempt to avoid missed tackles, the new optional tackling cone lets you know where your players are orientated before you try and initiate contact. Hopefully this straddles the line between being effective, but not too effective.

For more info on the game, check out this tutorial on the new defensive linemen moves, as well as how to get better at the game via the revamped Skills Trainer mode.

Madden NFL 15 comes out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on August 26.

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  • Interested to see how this works in my hands. I am not a buy a sport game every year, but ever other or so I tend to pick up the latest incarnation of Madden and I am thinking this year may be a year I grab it.
  • Make sure to have a glass of high quality h2o. Tackling fuel
  • I think they might be on to something here. Now it actually seems worth playing as a defensive character!

  • I hope this will be the best Madden game in years.
  • Looks great. Now tell me this: DID THEY FIX SCOUTING IN FRANCHISE MODE YET?

  • You did not re-do the tackling mechanics. At least, it doesn't look that way to me. I'm excited for the next gen of Madden, but I'm not sure we're going to get it from EA.

  • This needed revamping desperately, I would lose my mind in a big moment in the game when the shoddy tackling mechanics would go bonkers and cause an 80+ yard TD.
  • I just wait and see what the game looks like each and every year to see if I could buy it, but it just looks like the same recycled formula with crappy sideline and stadium/crowd animations, reused gameplay, etc. Maybe this will be the year something fresh reignites my interest. I'll have to wait and see. This mechanic looks like a step in the right direction for sure.

  • I have been a madden every year man and it seems like they are dumbing the game down more and more/ i wish they would go the route of nba 2k with theit type of my player the madden my player is the worst my player i have ever played i mean damn ncaa 14 my player for 360 is better then the new gen my player for madden like that is not right and EA needs to fix it before no one plays the my player on madden anymore.

  • Bored of this now. I'd rather play FIFA and proper Football

  • Bored of this now. I'd rather play FIFA and proper Football