Defense is a big focus for Madden 15, and a new trailer details improvements in areas such as man/zone coverage, coverage disguises, and head tracking.

When you're in the pocket, you better be making the correct read. Developer EA Tiburon has reworked the man and zone coverages of the game's A.I. defenses, and they'll even disguise their coverages. Skills such as individual defender's play recognition and ability to stay with receivers as they go in and out of cuts should stand out.

This sounds like a big leap forward for the franchises's defenses, but it's also a tall order to pull off. Given that these A.I. improvements apply to individual players, I'm curious how over/underpowered some players will feel and how much differentiation there is between good/bad ones. Furthermore, I welcome more aggressive defenders, and hope that the head tracking is correct so guys don't seem omnipotent when breaking on the ball.

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