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The Ins & Outs Of Madden NFL 12's Scouting Feature

The scouting feature in this year's Madden 12 isn't much help, but we're going to do what we can to shed some light on the process.

Madden NFL 12 has a new scouting system during the regular and post-season, and while it's more involved and tries to mimic the kinds of choices teams' scouting departments have to make, it falls short of being a useful addition to the game.

Check out the video below where I go through the whole process highlighting its pluses and minuses. For more on my thoughts on the game, check out the review.

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  • I learned quite a bit, thanks!

  • Last

  • Wow. The football gaming community sorely needs NFL 2K to come back. Soon. This monopoly EA has with the NFL license is only hurting the consumer at this point. 7 (8?) years into their exclusivity deal, and these are the kind of "innovations" coming from the minds of EA/Tiburon? Lame.
  • Another year where I'm not buying Madden.  I'll stick to borrowing 11 from someone that was conned into that purchase.  Freaking jokers at Tiburon are killing the franchise.

  • best thing to do with your picks in rounds 2-4 is trade them for young talent. then when you are scouting players just focus on the top 5 players for your biggest need position that u couldnt get in a trade. then when its your pick you will know who to get for the first round. but if you dont like any of those guys thats when you trade your first pick for that position you needed. also pick up picks in round two, three or both. then just trade again for more talent. doing this makes the draft unimportant and saves you time. so u just have to scout for the pro day and thats it and over time you still get the best young talent in the game.
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz