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Nintendo Details Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's Multiplayer ScareScraper Mode

Learning that the upcoming Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is going to have multiplayer was a bit of a surprise, and now Nintendo has detailed exactly how it will work in a preview video for the new mode.

The mode is called ScareScraper, has local and online multiplayer, and tasks a team of up to four players to get to the top of a ghost filled tower. Check out the video, and make sure to stick around for the twist ending!

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  • Mod
    Torn between this and Lego City...this costs less...but I have credit on the Wii U eShop...hmmm...well, I have enough to play now, so this is a "decide later" thing. :P
  • This looks pretty sweet, though I don't really have anyone to play this multiplayer with and am generally (pretty much always actually) much more interested in a game's single-player

  • Sweetness!

  • I'm pretty excited about this game, and multiplayer just adds to the length so the more the better. Hopefully in the future they have like new mansion DLC or something which would be great (I know the game has like 5 mansions, but I mean more)! I really enjoy all the DLC Nintendo is putting out for Fire Emblem, and I think it's priced reasonable. I just hope they do the same for all of their future games, especially since they usually give the 1st round of DLC out for free.
  • The Gamecube ghosts look more Nintendo like these ghosts look weird and out of place. They look halfassed and unimaginative.
  • Hahaha I love the end.

  • haha that ending! gonna buy this with 3ds xl!

  • I dont think I will be playing that much of the multiplayer but I really love luigis mansion so I will be playing single player a lot.

  • I have been waiting on this since the 3ds came out!!!!

  • Looks pretty fun!

  • This game looks great, too bad I don't have a 3DS... And I'm still super bummed this isn't coming to WiiU :(

  • This looks great, don't get me wrong. Nintendo's one of the only developer who actually does exciting new things when they announce a multiplayer mode, 'cuz you know they're never going to lazily just announced "Team Deathmatch" and "Control Points" modes for their games. But why are their four Luigis here? That's stupid. Luigi, Mario, Wario, Waluigi... or Luigi, Mario, Bloo and Wolley (the toads from New Super Mario Bros.). There are plenty of quartets in the Mario Universe they could've summoned up here. TONS of characters. Princess Daisy, Princess Peach, Rosalina, Yoshi and Birdo, Baby Luigi and Baby Mario, Bowser and Baby Bowser, etc. WHY MUST YOU BE LAZY, NINTENDO/NEXT LEVEL!?! It looks super fun though, it really does :D
  • looks ok

  • Looks really fun, really wasn't expecting multiplayer in Luigi's Mansion, but it's a nice surprise. I've been waiting over ten years for a new Luigi's Mansion, can't wait to get this.

  • Jekkin' awesome!!

  • I can't wait to play this game!!!

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