Fans of arena fighters will be pleased to know that Lost Saga is set for a relaunch on May 2. The title by WeMade was previously hosted by OGPlanet in the United States, and it's set to return with more content and characters.

Lost Saga takes concepts found in titles like Power Stone and blends them MMO mechanics. Each of the more than 50 character types has different abilities that operate on cool down timers. Players can swap out fighters, creating teams of cowboys, soldiers, knights, space troopers, and more.

With the relaunch, new premium heroes (remember, this is a free to play title) will become available for purchase. WeMade promises guest appearances from popular fighting games, the ability to claim opponents' equipment in battle, and a variety of modes for up to 16 players.

An open beta test is underway, with rewards for players who participate. The technical demands are extremely relaxed, with any PC sporting at least an 800 MHz Pentium III. You can start playing right now via the official website.