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Lost Saga

Free To Play Action MMO Set For Relaunch In May

Fans of arena fighters will be pleased to know that Lost Saga is set for a relaunch on May 2. The title by WeMade was previously hosted by OGPlanet in the United States, and it's set to return with more content and characters.

Lost Saga takes concepts found in titles like Power Stone and blends them MMO mechanics. Each of the more than 50 character types has different abilities that operate on cool down timers. Players can swap out fighters, creating teams of cowboys, soldiers, knights, space troopers, and more.

With the relaunch, new premium heroes (remember, this is a free to play title) will become available for purchase. WeMade promises guest appearances from popular fighting games, the ability to claim opponents' equipment in battle, and a variety of modes for up to 16 players.

An open beta test is underway, with rewards for players who participate. The technical demands are extremely relaxed, with any PC sporting at least an 800 MHz Pentium III. You can start playing right now via the official website.

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  • I was drawn in by the comparison to Power Stone. Anyone have any experience with this game?
  • Hmm... interesting...

  • I love Power Stone.

  • This game is actually extremely fun for people who haven't played it yet.  I spent many hours on this game in high school.

  • I had signed up for this about a month before the pre-beta.  As far as updates and content goes from then up til now... WeMade is doing SO MUCH BETTER than OGPlanet when it comes to Lost Saga.

    OGPlanet seems to have done the bare minimum on hosting this game.  They have even left some updates and content out of it completely compared to the other countries servers...  If they were to leave content out, they should at least replace it with something just as good with their own making.

    As far as WeMade goes... they've been hitting us with events and good updates... and it isn't even completely released yet.  I've already gotten a permanent Hero Character (which you would normally have to pay for) Just for the registration during that specific time period. (Registration event in the month before opening preBeta.)   Afterwards, they had a Bug Hunter event which has just recently ended so Prizes still have yet to be delivered if I'm not mistaken.  Whoever found the most bugs that aren't included in the "exempt bug list" gets prizes.

    Right around the time the Bug Hunter event finished, they hit us with Open Beta a week or 2 after preBeta.  And several event quests were also put into play, featuring permanent gear and hero chests as prizes.  On top of that, they also added around 25 more Hero Characters for game content.

    As far as effort and the speed of updates from WeMade compared to OGPlanet, I think WeMade takes the cake.

    With that being said... I highly recommend giving this game a try.

    My IGN is Xoqia in case you happen to see me. ;]

  • i've played this game before. and i am currently playing they beta, its a super fun game and all i can say right now. its going to get even better. if anyone would like to try the game i will put the URL so you can try it before hand.

  • Mod

    Hmmmm pso2..or this...still gonna play pso for now.

  • I hate signing up for individual accounts on developers' websites. You really shouldn't give out that info too much; just have it floating all over the place on the 'net. Is this coming to Steam? Otherwise, I'm not gonna try it. Screw you, F2P games, if you're not on Steam where you can just use my Steam Account...