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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns Developer Diary Covers The Music, Art, And Monorails

The newest developer diary covers a lot of ground for the third Final Fantasy XIII title, including Tetsuya Nomura's art, the environments, the music, and more.

You'll hear from all aspects of development from the artists and musicians to the designers. The team talks about long time Final Fantasy artist Tetsuya Nomura's work for the game, how the environments interlock with one another with monorails, and the focus for the game, which according to this video, "has been to make Lightning more beautiful and cooler looking than ever before."

To see the first episode of the Inside the Square series of videos covering the development of Lightning Returns, head here. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 11.

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  • The more i see of this game the more I realize why FF7 is so popular. Are you ready for this? It's cosplay,think about it,how many other ff characters do you see walking around a convention? It's like exclusivley FF7 characters (and maybe a few of those rabbit ladies)and this caters to those people(people who stupidly think FF7 was the highwater mark over FF6). Story? whatever b*tch,character development? We got a whole wardrobe for you to dress up in oooooooooooh the cosplay possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!!....thank god for Atlus.

  • It's an unpopular opinion, but I loved FFXIII. It's my favorite game of the franchise (and yes, I've played a huge portion of them); I loved the mythos and the character development, though I know that's not something a lot of people care about when they play games. To each their own, yes? Most of the old FF games were more plot driven and they definitely delineated from that model with the first XIII. I've played XIII-2 as well and ... eh. Not having a third party member and having to recruit monsters in that spot was a nuisance and Serah and Noel were just obnoxious. It was a disappointment, but whenever Square tries to do sequels to FF games, that's usually the outcome.

    What annoys me is how they turned this strong female character into a sex object. Whether you like her or not, she's not only a great character in terms of prowess in battle (Fang is better, but it was really refreshing to see a female who wasn't used just for magical abilities; it happens so infrequently in the series), but there's a huge evolution in her through the course of the game. I've noticed most don't even get to that part because they're too busy b*tching about linearity, which FF has seemingly been reduced to since X.

    All FF females are inherently sexy (Tifa, the girls in X-2, etc.) to some degree because, well, it sells. But to pretty much turn her into a dress up doll? Ugh. I know that's not going to be the whole purpose of this game like it was with X-2 (worst game of the franchise, seriously) but to have the developers say things like "check out her ***, they're gonna jiggle!" is disgusting and just makes me, as a female gamer, less interested in purchasing the game. I normally don't get too aggravated about sex in video games because the core audience is male, but they more or less completely contradict her character by sticking her in these ridiculous outfits. I feel like because Lightning is a female, they wanted to address that part of their audience and they think what we want is a Barbie dress-up game. No, what we (and other long time FF lovers) want is a return to the heart of the series, what made us love it in the first damn place.

    That said, I know I'll be playing this because I truly did love the first game and the characters, but I have a feeling the way they over-sexualized one of my favorite female characters is going to get in the way of whether or not I enjoy the entirety of the game.

  • Why do they keep making sequels to a subpar game? Combat was really fun sure, but the story is in incomprehensible mess, and story has always been the draw in FF to me.
  • Can;t wait to get my hands on...the game , yeah  i meant the game, the GAME! xd

  • I can understand people getting tired of outfit designs & all because I am as well but they are doing something completely different with her and I personally enjoy these diary's especially with Ali Hillis's Voice as the narrator but what really irritates me is that people who comment just to criticize about this is just pretty immature. (opinion, yes) but still immature. If I see a post that doesn't interest me I just don't click on it instead of making some downgrading comment. We all have opinion's & that's our right as human beings to speak out but not to be negative on articles after articles we don't enjoy. Simply click 1 star and move on, I guess that's to hard? 13 series has far more support then anyone realizes so why would they continue making them if they were losing money? They wouldn't so if you hate the Final Fantasy games now then move on and play a past title. I'd Recommend IX for sure