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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Vanille Hears The Dead In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Oerba Dia Vanille is among the cast of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but she's significantly different this time around.

Awoken from her crystalized state, Vanille can now hear the voices of the dead. This special power has put her under the watch of the Order in Luxerion, who call her a "saint."

In other Lightning Returns news, Square Enix has announced an online feature called "Outerworld Service" that allows players to use social media to broadcast screens, messages, and battle scores from the game.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (retail and via download) on February 11.

For more on the game, take a look at its opening cinematic.

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  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII Dash 3 Super Kawaii Dress Up Dating Simulation Bonzai!

    Edit: Those screens are beautiful though...
  • Next up snow wakes up and can talk to his own ass
  • Damn, Lightning looking sexay in that screenshot.
  • Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns: I see Dead People

      I see you Sexy Claire, I see you

  • why does it even matter? its not like u can use her....

  • has nothing to do with Lightning in a chocobo outfit...

    I...thought that's what this game was about. Now I'm confused, this little tidbit, actually....seems interesting.
  • Wait... FF13 news that is not about costumes!

  • so done with this game...worse ff episode ever
  • Question since I didn't play but a couple hours of XIII: what about Snowe? He was pretty awesome but I haven't heard about him in a while, what happened?
  • I hope Vanille dies or if you have the ability to save her, I wont. Same goes for Fang.

  • I love ff, I like the ffXIII, I just missed the special combos the charcters would do in the previous ff games.

  • This game and it's jiggle-media-focus have lost any ounce of merit. Please make games people actually want, Square. Like The World Ends With You 2.
  • So Lightning is The Savior. Vanille is a saint that can hear dead people. Snow is dealing with actual demons that look like his dead girlfriend. Hope has somehow miraculously de-aged...

    Boy, this cast is a far cry from their origins in 13. I think the only one that has managed to stay the same is Sazh.
  • Wow, Vanille is like some hot Hindu priestess now. Hope that headdress is glued on properly for battle.

  • I still refuse to call this game anything else than Final Fantasy XIII-3.

  • I honestly cannot wait to see everyone again miss the FF13 crew can't wait to play the game next year whoo! :D

  • one heck of a prom night

  • of all the characters of the franchise to bring back, why oh why did you have to bring the human female orgasm with legs back?

  • i see fang in a picture, makes my life good!! Of all the people in this series she is by far my favorite!!!!

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